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Virgin refers to "first". Virgin oil usually refers to the first batch of oil that is extracted after the first cold press. It is generally a little thicker and more stable under hotter conditions (cooking). "Extra virgin" refers to the very first cold press of the olives. This is the oil in its most raw and pure form. It is best consumed at room temperature, though is fine for light cooking. Refrigeration is always recommended for any oil.

Answer 2: Only extra virgin olive oil and virgin olive oil are direct extractions from the fruit. Refi ed or common olive oil and olive pomace are chemically treated to neutralize strong flavors. The oil's qualities last up to about 18 months. Light deteriorates it's components, so oil should be stoted in a cool, dark place.

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Q: What makes olive oil virgin or extra virgin?
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What makes olive oil virgin or extra virgin olive oil?

The first extraction of oil from the olive is extra virgin olive oil, the second being virgin oil.

What is it that makes extra virgin olive oil more virginal than regular virgin olive oil?

Less oleic acid

What is the difference between regular oil and extra virgin oil?

Extra virgin olive oil is from the first pressing, which is what squeezes the oil out. Virgin olive oil is from the second pressing, and so on down to regular old olive oil.

Does extra virgin olive oil clean out your arteries?

Yes, it does.Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the best oil to use for cooking.It is actually GOOD for you!

How do you substitute Extra Virgin Olive Oil for Vegetable oil?

You can always do this. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is very expensive. Vegetable Oil is a cheap substitute of lower quality.

What is eevo?

extra virgin olive oil

Is extra virgin olive oil the same as olive oil?

Extra Virgin Olive OilThis is the highest quality of olive oil. Note that extra virgin olive oils vary widely in taste, color, and appearance. Their taste and aroma should reflect the fact that they were made from olives and have some positive attributes (that is, they cannot be totally tasteless). They are supposed to have no taste defects.Olive OilOlive oil is the oil consisting of a blend of refined olive oil and virgin olive oil fit for consumption as they are. The cheap refined oil is mixed with more flavorful virgin oil. Some countries require a more specific designation.Summary: Extra virgin is the purest of the pure olive oil. Olive oil is a blend of lower quality (and usually taste).

What kind of olive oil does buddy valastro use?

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Is extra virgin olive oil is the best oil?

Extra virgin olive oil is the first oil pressed from the olive. So for that type of olive, it may be called the best. I'm sure you could find some type of olive you don't like, in which case its extra virgin won't be as good to you as regular of some other type.

Which olive oil is for cooking and which is for salad?

Olive oil (the same kind) can be used for both cooking and salad dressings. The best to use - especially for salads - is extra virgin olive oil. Extra virgin olive oil has the highest olive flavor. Regular olive oil is light in flavor, and extra light has very little olive flavor.

What is the difference between olive oil and extra virgin olive oil?

Regular olive oil isn't as purified or as good as extra virgin. Extra virgin is sweeter, and does better in recipes than regular olive oil. Extra virgin is from the first pressing of the olives. Regular comes later after the olives are pressed again and a lot of the olive taste is no longer in the oil. Extra virgin oil is a bit stronger, say if you were making thick cookies, it would be a lot better because if you use regular olive oil the cookies would most likely stick to the pan. Answer 2: Olive oil is the Mediterranean's liquid gold and since oil flows from the olives without need of additives or any chemical process, all of the oil's natural qualities, flavor and aroma are preserved. Only extra virgin olive oil and virgin olive oil are direct extractions from the fruit. Refined, or common olive oil and olive pomace oil are chemically treated to neutralize strong flavors.

If you add virgin olive oil to your food will you lower your risk of atherosclerosis?

You would want to use extra virgin olive oil.

Is extra virgin olive oil the same thing as vegetable oil?

Yes and no.Extra Virgin Olive Oil IS a vegetable oil but it is quite expensive and tastes very special. This means that cooks would use the term "vegetable oil" to refer to a cheap cooking oil such as 'Corn Oil', 'Peanut Oil' or 'Maize Oil' and reserve the 'Extra Virgin Olive Oil' for flavoring a finished dish or making a dressing (cooking with it destroys the special taste!). You should never cook with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

What is healthier fat or oil?

Extra virgin olive oil is healthier

What is healthiest sunflower oil or vegetable oil?

extra virgin olive oil

How many calories are in 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil?

There are approximately 120 calories on one tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil.

Can you use olive oil instead of sunflower oil in a donut?

If you use clear or "light", or extra light olive oil then yes you can. Do Not use virgin, extra virgin or pomace oil as these will impart an undesireable taste.

What is extra virgin olive oil used for?

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is darker and has a more pronouced olive taste than other olive oils. It is particularly suited to salad dressings and sauces. For baking (unless you are making olive bread) a lighter olive oil or canola oil would be preferable.

What are the properties of an ideal dressing?

i myself preffer a light and delicate dressing. one with a slight garlic after taste that does not ruin the balance of the high quality extra virgin olive oil. but then again, what makes an olive an EXTRA virgin?

How do you get pasta not to stick?

extra virgin olive oil or salt

Is extra virgin olive oil good for your lips?


What is extra virgin olive oil in Afrikaans?

The answer I have found is "olyfolie"

What kind of oil for a 93 Nissan Maxima?

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Where do you get extra virgin olive oil?

Pretty much every supermarket will carry exra virgin olive oil, possibly even multiple brands of it.

What is extra virgin olive oil used in?

You would use it anywhere that you would use regular olive oil.