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People are legally dead when there heart stops pumping. So since everytime you sneeze ur heart very briefly stops, u actually die everytime you sneeze. Now i could have some of my facts wrong in this, and i hope i dont offend anyone if my information is incorrrect. But the when your brain stops sending signals to the different parts of your body to continue functioning that is what causes death.

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Why people die?

People die because God makes sacrifices and its for their own good.

What happens when volcano erupt?

It will makes people die.

What makes people scared when they are being affected by the volcano?

well.... you can die.

Why do people die from brain tumors?

it is very painful and usually makes people very stressful and has no medicines for it

What effect does a Tsunami have on people?

it kills them and destroys their home. it makes them sick and die

Why do more people die in winter than summer?

It is colder in the winter and that makes people, especially old people, more fragile.

What makes Shakespeare's plays tragedy's?

Like Romeo and Juliet people always die at the end.

Can Miley Cyrus be tamed?

no. haven't you heard the song? she makes people want to die in a corner.

Why do bees die when they sting people?

because their stinger makes their bods function and when they sting someone it falls out and they can no longer function so . . . . they die.

Why do people die in the Bermuda triangle?

i am honestly not posative i think the fog makes people wrek and then the ship gets lst in fog

How many people die from falling off horses each year?

As of 2009, the statistics for how many people die from falling off horses each year is 100. Over 300 people die from riding horses a year, which makes it a dangerous sport.

Why did the most loved characters die in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?

To show that life is cruel and good people die too. It makes the reader hate Voldemort and makes Harry even more determined to stop hurting people, including the rest of the ones he loves.

Why people like stone fox book?

It's such an interesting book and people like it because of the ending, when the dog dies, it makes the reader greatfultheir pet didn't die, it makes them have a tighter bond with their pet.

Effects of steroids?

The big three effects of 'roids: 1. Makes you stronger 2. Makes you die faster 3. Makes people frown upon you. For more info, see Alex Rodriguez.

How did the Bubonic plague kill people?

During Shakespeare's time a lot of people were struck by the unfortunate disease. It basically makes them sick and they die of the plague.

Why people use stimulant drugs?

Because it makes them stronger but there are legal things put in it which means they can have a cancer or die!

What does pork do to the body?

it makes you all gross and yucky and you will die it makes you all gross and yucky and you will die

Do people die from old age?

Most people die from complications like illness or disease, not just from being old, but being old makes you more susceptible to certain illnesses like pneumonia or flu.

Is there any way to become immortal?

Yes, there is a way. When you die people remember you and what you have done and in this way you are immortal. The people who love you carry you in their hearts and this makes you immortal.

What is the karate move that makes people crap themselves?

a kiai... it supposedly makes people faint cry sometimes die! it is a burst of energy in the form of a shout that if you do right can kill someone right on the spot. that is how some ninjas assassinated

How do you determine how many people die in a month if 400000 people die each year?

Let's think about it. There are 12 months in one year, so it makes sense to divide the yearly number by 12 to get a monthly number....

Why is water good for people?

It makes up most of our body's composition. Without it, we dehydrate and eventually shut down and die.

Why is plastic dangerous?

Plastic is dangerous because the paint on it has somewhat of a kind of chemical which makes people, animals, plants die.

Who do people die from lighting?

because the jolt makes the heart stop beating... because the heat from the shock fries the person.

How do lungs look after cancer?

Lungs does not look after the cancer because the lungs do more than 500 jobs in your body,cancer makes you die and makes people cut their hair off