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The glucose (energy) is the fuel that helps it burn. Pepper also makes chips hot and spicy.

No, the vegetable oil in the chips, along with potassium makes the chip HIGHLY flammable... For example the POE TATE R CHIPS I THREW into my firepit at 1:00 am Sunday, June 03, 2012... IF you want proof, go get a bag of POE TATE R CHIPS with 290mg of Potassium, 190mg of Sodium, and Vegetable oil. And stick them in an open flame outside.. Inside you just effin idiot.

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Q: What makes potato chips flammable?
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What makes chips mammals?

Chips are not mammals -they are pieces of potato.

Who makes clancy's potato chips?

Clancy's is the company that makes Clancy's potato chips. Flavors include BBQ, Original, Sour Cream and Onion, and Sea Salt.

What makes potato chips go rancid?

th chemicals

Is the sentence potato chips makes a tasty snack grammatically correct?

No because of the tense it should be: Potato chips make a tasty snack

What is in munchos potato chips?

potato chips

Where do most potato chips come from?

potato chips come from a potato

Where do they make potato chips?

in the potato chips factories

What makes hairspray flammable?

i was wondering what hairspray is the most flammable because i made a mini potato gun and i want it to shoot farther

Do potato chips make you fat?

Potato chips make you fat easily because it is deep fried in fat. One bag of medium sized potato chips has 290 calories and about 160 calories from fat. So, yes, potato chips do makes you fat if you consume quite often in your diet.

Which potato chips have the most grease in them?

Lay's Potato Chips.

Are potato chips made with potato?

yes potato chips are made with real potatoes

Who makes Gibble Potato Chips?

The Martin's Famous Pastry Shoppe purchased them.

Is a potato flammable?

Yes it is

What food group are potato chips?

Potato chips are in the oils group.

Where does potato chips come from?

Potato chips were invented in Louisiana in 1853.

When did Gordon's potato chips start making potato chips?


Why are chips called chips not potato chunks?

because they are little chips of the potato not big chunks

Why are potato chips called chips?

because they are "chips" off the potato. like a wood chip.

Can potato chips run on cars?

Potato chips can't run at all.

When was Sterzing's potato chips created?

Sterzing's potato chips was created in 1935.

What makes potato chips greasy?

they are cooked in oil and deep friedthere's no way to get the oil out

Why are low-fat potato chips different from regular potato chips?

The low fat have less calories from fat than regular potato chips.

What kinds of potato chips are there?

there are barbeque chips

Which Potato chips or tortilla chips healthier?

tortilla chips

What presidential was in office when potato chips were invented?

what president was in office when potato chips were invented