What makes rainbows appear?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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it happens when it is sunny and it then rains. try projecting white light through a glass triangular prism. Then all will be clear.

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Q: What makes rainbows appear?
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Can rainbows never appear?

Rainbows cannot appear if there's no rain and sun afterwards. Rainbows root word is rain so for that reason rain has to appear in this event. But sum rainbows can appear in different weather? Rainbows cannot appear with out rain. Rainbows cannot appear with out rain. ----

What makes the color of rainbows?

light refracted by raindrops appear to be different colours

Where do rainbows appear?

reflection, refraction, dispersion and total internal reflection of the sun's rays make rainbows appear.

Do Fibonacci numbers appear in rainbows?


When viewed from above rainbows are what shape?

Rainbows are an optical illusion, they are not "real". You cannot view them from above; they will always appear the way they appear from the ground.

When do rainbows appare?

they appear when it is sunny and raining

Why do rainbows appear after a rain storm?

The rainbows usually appear after a rainstorm because when you are at a certain angle with relation with the sun and water droplets it creates a rainbow.

Who makes the rainbow?

god makes rainbows

Are rainbows worldwide?

Yes they are. Rainbows are only an appearance of light when light goes through water. That's why rainbows usually appear after it rains or when it is humid.

Are rainbows unicorn farts?

Yes, unicorns fart rainbows. However, most rainbows appear because of the commonly known light and water theory.

What is it called when rainbows appear?

it is going to rain again

How do you make rainbows appear from your butt?

Skittles, taste the rainbow.