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Bonds trade at a premium or discount based on the interest rate demanded by the markets for that specific maturity, credit quality, and details vs. the rate demanded at the time of issue. - Example: Trading at a Discount - For example, the 4.5% US Government bond maturity 02/15/16 is currently trading at a discount. At issuance, you could buy this bond for $100.00 and receive $4.50 every year in interest. However, interest rates are higher today than they were when the bond was issued (currently 4.85% for this maturity/credit quality). Therefore, to receive 4.85% in interest, you must pay less than 100 for the bond you would have paid at issuance. The reverse is true for bonds trading at a premium. If the interest rate had fallen to 4.00%, you would be willing to pay more than 100.00 for the bond.

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Q: What makes some bonds sell at a premium while others sell at a discount?
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