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What makes some teenage guys act so immature and make jokes about gay people?

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Society tells young men that there is an ideal way for men to be. When they encounter someone who doesn't match this perceived ideal, it threatens their view of the world and they lash out. They also feel pressured by others to act a certain way. It is hard to resist that since the part of your brain that controls impulses isn't fully developed until your early 20s.

AnswerThey are afraid of you. If they don't understand something, they make fun of it, so they don't look bad in front of their friends. It doesn't matter if you're gay or straight. It's what is inside a person that makes them who they are. AnswerI'd add that over the years I've heard many girls and young women complain much more generally about the immaturity of teenage boys and young men. Understandably, many young women see it as a real problem. AnswerI agree with the above posters and find that men especially are very frightened by gay men (but don't seem to have a problem with attractive lesbian women). I've seen wonderful friendships between two men lost because one of the friends had the guts to admit they were gay. The straight friend was shocked, but more importantly was afraid of two things: his friend might hit on him, and if his other buddies found out, they would think he was gay as well. The two friends got along just fine until the gay issue came up. AnswerI know exactly what you mean. They are just trying to get as much female attention as they can by showing that they're not gay.
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