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i am so cool

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What makes the blitz so important in world war 2?

It marked the advent of "total warfare" where civilians too were in danger. The blitz was intended to instill terror and destroy British moral.

What does London do for the world?

its makes the world sexy ITS BRINGS SEXY BACK! Back in the day...London was said to "SWING" It still does.

Who makes the best hamburger in the world?

Planet Hollywood in London.

What makes big ben important?

Big Ben not only tolls the hours, but it does so with a very distinctive noise. People all over the world recognise the sound before they hear the radio announcer say"This is London", or "This is the BBC World Service".

What makes the london bridge connects?

London Bridge connects the City of London with the London Borough of Southwark.

What make jesus a importain?

What makes him important? He saved the world that's what

Why is cotton candy important in helping the world?

It makes everything sweeter :)

Why convection currents so important to us?

it makes a better world

How is the environment important to us?

The environment makes us what we are, no matter where in the world we live.

What resource makes the Middle East so important in world affairs?


Why do you know Anaxagoras today?

To show us that he was important to the world by teaching us to become something you want that makes you important.

Why is courtesy important?

Courtesy is important because there are a lot of people in this world and using courtesy makes the world more enjoyable. We all want to live in a happy world and courtesy is a step towards it.

Why is Asia important to the US?

Its population alone makes it a major player in world politics.

Why is teamwork important in a workplace?

Because teamwork makes the world go round properly.

What makes London bridge famous?

The children's song about London Bridge falling down.

How does the London eye help the local economy?

You pay to go on it which makes money for London

Why is Barack Obama important and influential to the world?

Obama is the President of the United States which is one of most influential countries in the world in many ways. That fact makes Obama influential and important to much of the world,

Why is Hatshepsut's temple so important to Egypt?

She was an important lady because she was on of the first woman ruler in world history. Which makes her temple that much more important.

Why are the southern and eastern parts of Britain more heavily populated and politcally important?

Probably because of London, which is also sited in the south east. The City of London is a very big city - employing many thousands of people. It makes sense, therefore, to live closer to London if you work there.

What makes London so special?

because it is the capital of England and most of the football team are in London

Where is London Bridge hospital located?

London Bridge hospital is located in London by the bridge off to the right of the highway. This makes it easier to get to when there is an emergency.

What makes the London bridge strong?

It's arches.

Why is it personality important?

It is what makes everyone unique, interesting, and the world would be a sad place if it did not exist in people.

Why was language important in ancient roman?

Language has been and is important to people and societies throughout the world and throughout history. Language is what makes communication possible.

Do you have to move to London to model for a London agency?

It makes sense as to move at least 'close' so u can commute in and out easily as most of the castings will be in London.