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Smoke dries out the eyes. When your eyes get dry, they usually get irritated which typically causes people to rub their eyes... hence the redness.

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Q: What makes the eyes bloodshot after smoking?
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Related questions

How can you get bloodshot eyes?

Dehydration makes some peoples eyes get bloodshot along with allergies, eye irritation, and use of marijuana.

Does smoking weed effect our eyes?

Yes. They will get a little dry and look bloodshot(red) for an hour or two.

Does your pupils get small after smoking weed?

On the contrary, my friend, they get quite large. Your eyes also tend to get bloodshot.

How does marijuana make your eyes look?

It makes your eyes look very red and tired.Also,bloodshot.

What are bloodshot eyes?

Bloodshot eyes are eyes with noticeable blood pigments and swollen blood vessels. You generally get bloodshot eyes from lack of sleep.

Does blood thinner cause bloodshot eye?

no, it would not cause your eyes to be bloodshot. Bloodshot eyes come from inflammation of the conjunctiva (the mucus membranes over your eyes/eyelids). Thinning of the blood could not cause conjunctivitis (bloodshot eyes) unless you have an allergy to that medication that could cause bloodshot eyes (which I would think would be almost impossible).

Does marijuana make pupils big?

no but i makes your pupils small and gives you bloodshot eyes

Are there physical side effects to smoking marijuana?

Yes, but onlytemporarily. Your eyes will turn bloodshot and maybe watery and they may appear chinked. Hunger also ensures after smoking marijuana.

How do you stop bloodshot eyes?

well eye drops helps eyes from being bloodshot

What is the medical term meaning bloodshot eyes?

Conjunctival injection is the medical term meaning bloodshot eyes.

Can cialis cause bloodshot eyes?

very, very, painful bloodshot eyes along with indigestion, headache and a stuffed up nose.

What actors and actresses appeared in With Bloodshot Eyes - 2013?

The cast of With Bloodshot Eyes - 2013 includes: Andrew Nance as Man on Phone

Why are my cat's eyes are bloodshot and watery?

Your cat's eyes will become bloodshot and watery if he has allergies. Only your Vet will be able to tell you exactly what is going on with your cat's health.

Can marijuana dilate your pupils?

No, but it can make your eyes red (bloodshot eyes).

Why do your eyes get bloodshot?

If its a dusty and dry day

Can stress cause bloodshot eyes?


Why do you get bloodshot eyes?

You get blood shot eyes by not getting much sleep or drinking.

Could you go blind from bloodshot eyes?

"Bloodshot" is just what you call it when your eyes are red and irritated. You can't go blind from just having irritated eyes. There would have to be some sort of disease or injury to go blind.

Why is it important for peoples eyes to remain moist?

To keep your eyes from drying out. Dry eyes can cause your eyes to be bloodshot!!!!

Why do your eyes get bloodshot after studying all night?

Your eyes can become bloodshot after studying all night because of strain. You can try a warm compress placed over the eyes for about 10 minutes to help the swollen blood vessels shrink.

Does snorting drugs make your eyes bloodshot?


What causes bloodshot eyes and dry throat?


Does visine work for bloodshot eyes when you get high?

Yes. There is a medication in visine (and most other over the counter eye drops) that will constrict the vessels on the surface of the eye, decreasing the appearance of bloodshot eyes.

What makes under your eyes go blue and puffy when your tired?


Do you eyes dilate when you smoke weed?

Yes, your eyes will dilate slightly and become glassy and bloodshot.