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Q: What makes the family and schools such important agents in the opinion -shaping process?
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How does schools shape public opinion?

Schools shape public opinion by educating students on certain values, beliefs, and norms that are often reinforced through curriculum, textbooks, and teacher instruction. Schools can influence public opinion by promoting certain perspectives on history, civics, and social issues, thus playing a role in shaping how individuals view the world around them. Additionally, schools can shape public opinion by fostering critical thinking skills and encouraging students to engage in discussions and debates on various topics.

The level of the media's influence in shaping political opinion is?

Media plays a very significant role in shaping political opinion. People are highly influenced with what the media reports.

What is the motto of Gaston County Schools?

The motto of Gaston County Schools is 'Shaping Our Future'.

What is the dominant process in shaping landscape?

i have no clue

What is Port Said International Schools's motto?

The motto of Port Said International Schools is 'International: Shaping Tomorrow by Teaching Today'.

Why is public opinion so important in democracy?

Public opinion is important in democracy because it reflects the will of the people, who elect their representatives to make decisions on their behalf. It serves as a mechanism of accountability for policymakers and helps ensure that government actions align with the interests and values of the public. Public opinion also plays a crucial role in shaping public policies and influencing the functioning of democratic institutions.

In which schools of thought are emotion and imagination considered more important then reason?

Romanticism and existentialism are examples of philosophical schools that prioritize emotion and imagination over reason. These perspectives emphasize the individual experience, subjective interpretation of reality, and the importance of emotions in shaping human existence.

In what way are the mass media and institutions (such as schools) similar?

Both mass media and institutions like schools play a significant role in shaping public opinion and transmitting cultural values. They both have the power to influence beliefs, behaviors, and attitudes of individuals in society. Additionally, they can serve as platforms for disseminating information and promoting social norms.

All what have a major influence on the opinion making process except?

All factors that can have a major influence on the opinion-making process include the individual's personal values, beliefs, education, and past experiences. Additionally, external factors such as media, social media, peer influence, and cultural norms can also play a significant role in shaping opinions. It is important to recognize that while these factors can influence opinions, individuals still have the ability to critically evaluate information and make their own informed judgments.

What has played the most important role in shaping the physical landscape of east Africa?

Tectonic processes have played an important role in shaping the physical landscape of east Africa.

What is considered to be the least important process of operant conditioning?

The least important process of operant conditioning is generally considered to be extinction, where the learned behavior decreases in frequency when reinforcement is no longer provided. While extinction can weaken behavior, it is often not as effective as reinforcement or punishment in shaping behavior.

After shaping the dough it is allowed to rise again in a process called?