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They were built by the Pharaohs so that when they died they were placed in there. They also believd that having a pyramid made you immortal in the afterlife.

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Who makes the pyramids in Egypt?


What makes Egypt a special place?

The Great Pyramids, and other amazing structures make Egypt a special place.

How did the harp played in ancient Egypt?

That question makes absolutely no sense at all. :/

Who was ba in ancient egypt?

The 'Ba' was everything that makes an individual unique, similar to the notion of 'personality'. (In this sense, inanimate objects could also have a 'Ba', a unique character, and indeed Old Kingdom pyramids often were called the 'Ba' of their owner).

What makes Egypt unique?

The Great Pyramids, and other amazing structures.Well there are many mystery and hidden places such as pyramid are makes Egypt since unique. You must visit this area for know much more about this Egypt may contact with travel agency as citadel tours.

What were the natural resources of ancient egypt?

The biggest natural resource in Ancient Egypt was the Nile River. It provided fish, transportation, flood that makes the land ready for growing crops. Different types of rocks, minerals and metals were also the natural resources of ancient Egypt.

Should you Restore the Pyramids of Egypt?

While it would be really neat to see the Pyramids at Giza coated in shiny limestone once again, such a project would be really expensive. Some people believe that the damage done over time is part of what makes the Pyramids so historic. Whether or not you restore the Pyramids is up to you, although you'd have to ask Egypt if it would be OK before you started working.

What makes Ancient Rome important?

The importance of Ancient Rome was the first city-state.

What makes Egypt important?

they know the art of splitting rock and building

How did ancient Egypt use irrigation?

For the most part ancient Egypt houses were constructed using materials that were handy and plentiful. This meant that the design of houses in ancient Egypt varied little, even among the wealthy. This makes it very easy to imagine what Egyptian houses look like.

Are there pyramids under the great pyramids?

That makes no sense at all.

What makes Ancient Rome so important?

There are several reasons that ancient Rome is important, but the most important one is that the ancient Roman civilization is the basis for our western civilization and our western culture.

Why were pyramids triangle?

The pyramids are not triangle so the question makes no sense.

Who makes the decisions in Egypt?

The head of state of egypt makes the decisons in egypt.

Why should people go to Thebes Egypt?

Thebes is one of the great temples that was built in ancient Egypt. There is nothing else like it in the world. That alone makes it a place to see.

Why is most farming in ancient Egypt and in present-day Egypt done along the nile?

Because the regular flooding of the Nile makes the land fertile and that's pretty much the only fertile land in Egypt.

Is the renal medulla located between the renal pyramids and the renal capsule?

the medulla is organized into a GROUP of pyramids. It makes up the pyramids.

Why is Hatshepsut's temple so important to Egypt?

She was an important lady because she was on of the first woman ruler in world history. Which makes her temple that much more important.

Who makes a mummy?

In ancient Egypt,only priests and his assistants were allowed to make mummies.The whole process takes 70 days.

What makes a pyramid a good tomb for a famous person who wants to be remembered forebered forever in ancient Egypt or today?

because yes

What geometric shape makes these structures pyramids?

Pyramids are constructed from triangular shapes and can have square or triangle bases

What makes the religions of the ancient Egypt Greece and rome unique?

They are often based on mythological stories, for most people it's very interesting.

Why is the energy pyramids shape important?

Because the energy decreases on every level, so a triangle makes sense to show that there is less energy on the highest trophic levels.

Why was language important in ancient roman?

Language has been and is important to people and societies throughout the world and throughout history. Language is what makes communication possible.

What ceremonies were practiced in ancient Egypt?

the answer is the mouth ceremony it is a ceremony that makes them walk and talk in the after life the priests use the book of the dead to do spells during the ceremony