What makes up an auto body shop?

Updated: 1/4/2022
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An auto body shop is made up of a mechanic side and store side. They offer repairs and mechanic services available and usually sell parts as well.

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Q: What makes up an auto body shop?
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How would your auto insurance company know if the auto body shop is legal?

They can look them up to see if they are a real body shop.

How do you start an auto body shop?

Hang up signs n poster and create an advertisment for facebook and youtube

Where can I buy good auto touch up paint?

First of all ask at your local Auto Parts store such as Auto Zone. Secondly check with a local auto body repair shop. Thirdly check with your local car dealer or the vehicle manufacturer.

To open an auto paint shop, what materials are needed?

I would like to open up my own auto paint shop. What are some materials I must have?

Looking for an auto paint shop quote?

My car is pretty banged up as it is 15 years old. Where can I get a decent auto paint shop estimate?

How do you produce in a auto shop?

You get off your butt, shut up and get some crap done...

Why is Chevy van hard to start?

A Chevy van may be hard to start because the engine may be malfunctioning. Bring your Chevy to an auto body shop and get a tune up performed.

What can one buy from the Autobody Shop?

Some things somebody could buy from an auto body shop are spare car parts or oil. One could also buy touch up paint for any scratches or paint chips on their car.

What is a good body shop in Markham for accident damaged cars?

Velocity Auto Body Inc in Markham is a good place to get your car patched up after an accident. Although they aren't open on weekends, they provide fair quotes and good work.

Where is a discount auto paint shop?

Be sure to check your local yellow pages for the auto paint shop. Call each one up to compare prices and get quotes from each shop. Once you find one within your price range, you are good to go.

What percentage of water makes up your body?

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Can I fix my car's scratch myself with auto touch up paint?

There are many online shops that provide auto touch up paint services. is one of online shop that provides auto touch up paint services for any kind of auto cars. You can visit