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You become aBuddhist by committing yourself to being one. You should follow the laws of Buddha. For example follow the Eightpathfold to Nirvana.

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What makes someone a Buddhist?

A person is a Buddhist if he says he is a Buddhist. Someone who tries to follow the teachings of the Buddha is the kind of person who would call himself a Buddhist.

Why might shotoku have been made a Buddhist saint?

He built Buddhist worship temples so it kinda makes sence that he might have become a Buddhist saint. 👍

What percentage of world follows Buddhism?

About 6% of the world is Buddhist which makes it the 4th largest religion.

What religion group makes up India?

mostly Hindu, some Sikh and in northern areas Buddhist

Why do Buddhist believe that fallowing the eightfold path leads to a better life?

It makes no reasons to suffer. There will be no worries

Hierarchy of Buddhism?

The founder of the religion Buddhism was Siddhartha Gautama. The levels of Buddhist religious hierarchy are: Buddhist Monasteries, Buddhist Monks, Buddhist Nuns, Buddhist Lay People, Buddhist Pilgrims.

What changed the Dalai Lama to be a Buddhist?

The Dalai Lama did not change to be a Buddhist. He was raised Buddhist frombirth.Definitely......Tibetan Buddhist

Note on Buddhist Funerals?

everything about Buddhist funerals. everything about Buddhist funerals.

What is a Buddhist monarchy?

A Buddhist Kingdom

What religion is Justin nozuka?

he was raised in a Buddhist household, both of his parents are Buddhism.. So I guess that makes him a Buddhism? :P

How you become a Buddhist?

You read about Buddhist teachings, if you agree with them and believe the teachings are correct your a buddhist.

What happened when Asoka became Buddhist?

they were hindus but they built buddhist art and buddhist temples

What has the author Chongjian Ji written?

Chongjian Ji has written: 'Qian nian fo diao shi' -- subject(s): Buddhist Sculpture, Chinese Sculpture, Sculpture, Buddhist, Sculpture, Chinese 'Jin tong fo xiang' -- subject(s): Art, Buddhist, Bronzes, Buddhist, Buddhist Art, Buddhist Bronzes, Buddhist Sculpture, Sculpture, Buddhist

How do buddisims pray?

Buddhist monks are repeatedly lying down and rising again when they pray. (See "Buddhist monk makes footprints in wooden floorboards through 20 years of prayer", Metro from 26 May 2014)

Is Tina turner a Buddhist?

yes she is a buddhist.

Can you be a buddhist and a Christian?

No, you cannot be a Buddhist and Christian.

Do Buddhist eat eggs?

Depends on the Buddhist.

What population of Buddhist is in Korea?

almost everyone in Korea are Buddhist i am not from Korea but i am a Buddhist by maekenna spence

What is multi- religion?

lets say your mom is christian and your dad is a Buddhist which makes you both and you have to believe in both. that is a multi-religion.

How does someone become a Buddhist?

You can become a Buddhist by joining a Buddhist temple or group,and studying Buddhism. That way you will learn about Buddhist teachings. These can be applied to your life. When you are ready you can become a Buddhist by partaking in the Affirmation or Ordination Ceremony.

Which is the Buddhist-supported party in India?

Dalit Buddhist movement is the Buddhist supported party in India. It is the 19th and 20th revival Buddhist party in India.

Where can you find Buddhist Monks?

To learn where you can find a Buddhist monk check with your local Buddhist church to learn more information on where to find a Buddhist monk in your area

Is Tiger Woods a Buddhist?

yes he is a famous Buddhist

What percent of India is Buddhist?

0.77% of India is Buddhist.

What percent of Canada is Buddhist?

1.0% of Canada is Buddhist.

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