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What makes your art work different from others?


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An individual's art work is different from others if it is original. A unique piece that is not copied from somewhere else is always captivating.


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It means different things for different people. Some like the pictures of far away places. Others appreciate the art work depicted on a stamp. Still others enjoy the challenge of collecting complete sets or countries.

It is a place where art work is displayed for others to see. The artwork is done by multiple different artists. It can be any type of art. Often, it is famous artist work that gets displayed or antiques but not always. It depends on the gallery.

Well i don't know look it up at WWW.Google.com and say what makes environmeantal art different from other art forms and here you go!

it can be ur job sumtimes, and it makes your brain be creative and think of different things

It is something creative made with care, if you are talking general. Like a five year old finger painting that is creative and they think it was made carefully is true art to some people, but not to others. Others say that it must be an amazing piece of work that is museum capable.

A work of art is a different thing to different people. However, works of art are generally paintings. Sometimes, the term is used to refer to poetry, books, or architecture.

Richard Hamilton's"Just What is it That Makes Today's Homes so Different, so Appealing?"

they now at least 60 different types of art techniques.

to be different from the refined and perfect art of the previous artists. also it stood out from others.

The term median means what makes your art work such as sculptures, paints, etc.

His art appeals to many people's taste = successful. Others find his art awful.

well there is many different words forpaintings for example:Art work, master piece, work of art, art, drawing, work and many more you can work the rest out yourself :) !!

The ninja use the art of ninjitsu. It is its own martial art which has a different focus than others.

the art of their work and if you ever gone to bowers museum you would see there fine art work. It took them decades. it makes it special because of all their time they spend on it.

i artwork that had so much passion

He was the first to apply theories of Impressionism.

cooking, metal work, wood, jewlery, and sewing

There are a number of components of every great work of art. Some of them include being unique and having a theme or message that it conveys among others.

Art can be used for:Expressing peoples feelingsFameMoneySchool workIllustrating a veiwThese are just a few ways art can be used for.Different artists have different reasons.

it is also art but different its more creative than others but its hard to make

The Persistence of Memory was painted by artist Salvador Dali. The Persistence is one of his well known and more recognized works of art. He had gotten more fame from that work of art then from others.

You cannot say that Richard Hamilton created this movement singlehanded, but his work 'Just What Is It that Makes Today's Homes So Different, So Appealing?, 1956, is often seen as the first example of Pop Art.

There are a few uses of Microsoft clip art. One is the ability to add pictures and text to your work quickly and easily. It makes your work look more professional.

yes.He makes pretty cool things. search him on google images and you'll see his work.

you study the artist and what tipe of art it is then you wright abuot how you feel about the art work and what could make it better or what your favorit part of it was then wright about how the peace makes you feel.

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