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Males can't catch PID.

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Q: What male organs are affected by PID?
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What reproductive organs may be affected by Gonorrhea?

Reproductive organs that may be affected by gonorrhea include the male urethra, the cervix, uterus, and fallopian tubes, and the epididymis.

Can a male get a disease from pid?

Yes - PID is a serious condition caused by an untreated STD.

What is pelvic infection?

Generally a pelvic infection is a term used for Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID). PID is caused by a bacteria that has moved from the vagina into the reproductive organs. An antibiotic from your doctor will eliminate the bacteria from the reproductive organs.

Which organs are affected by mouth cancer?

what organs are affected by mouth cancer

How does pelvic inflammatory disease affect the male partner?

Males do not get pelvic inflammatory disease. A man's health can only be directly affected by a partner's PID if it is caused by chlamydia or gonorrhea.

What organs are affected by tetanus?

What organs are affected by tetanus?

What can gonorrhea turn into?

Gonorrhea can turn into PID for a female and epididymitis for a male.

Which accessory organs of the skin are affected by acne?

The sebaceous glands are the accessory organs of the skin affected by acne.

What organs are affected by pneumonia?

The lungs are affected by pneuminia.

What is the organs affected by anemia?

The organs affected by anemia include the heart, and the brain due to lack of oxygen in the blood.

What organs are affected by eczema?

The skin is the organ affected by eczema.

What organs are affected by salmonella?


Organ affected by African sleeping sickness?

There are many organs that are affected by African Sleeping Sickness. The organs affected include spleen, liver, skin, heart, and eyes.

What are the internal and external male reproductive organs?

You have prostate and seminal vesicles come under the internal male reproductive organs. You have pair of testes and penis as external male reproductive organs.

What organs are affected when you have meningitis?

Not nessacarily organs but the spinal cord and your brain.

How many organs affected by alcohol and smoking?

Your entire body is affected.

What organs are affected by jaundice?

Liver is affected if someone is suffering from jaundice.

What organs are affected by Hepatitis?

the liver

What organs are affected by silicosis?

The Lungs

What organs are affected by laryngitis?


What organs are affected by autism?

obviously the brain is the major organ that is affected , but also the bowel and stomach too , but not every person has problems with their organs

What are the gamete-producing organs of the male reproductive system?

The gamete producing organs of the male reproductive system are the testes.

Is chlamydia the same as PID?

Chlamydia is not the same as PID. Chlamydia may cause PID, but you can have chlamydia without having PID, and you can have PID without having chlamydia.

What are the major organs in a males reproductive system?

There are a few organs in the male reproductive system. These organs are located near the pelvic area on a man, and are used in reproducing. The male reproductive organs are: testes and penis.

What is the medical abbreviation of the medical term meaning inflammation of the female pelvic organs?

Pelvic inflammatory disease is abbreviated PID.