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What margin is required to choose the president?


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The winning candidate has to have a simple majority of votes from the electoral college. In other words, the candidate will only need to win by ONE electoral vote to become the president.

He must receive a simple majority of the 535 votes in the electoral college.


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To choose a President, the margin in the electoral college must be 51 percent or 270. There are 538 votes in the electoral college.

The numeric margin that is required to convict and remove a president is two-thirds (2/3). The Senate votes to convict the president.

If no candidate for the presidency wins a simple majority (51%) of the total number of electoral votes, then the House of Representatives have the power to choose the President of the US. Each state gets one vote. The margin required to choose the president in the House is a majority of those voting. The only time this happened, in 1824, the representatives of some of the states could not agree on how to vote and so those states did not vote.

the people running for president must have a tie in electoral votes. the people running for president must have a tie in electoral votes. the people running for president must have a tie in electoral votes.

The Senate must have a two-thirds vote, or at least 67 senators, to convict the president of impeachment, and remove him from office. The same margin is required to decide if the president should be impeached in the House of Representatives.

50% in the House of Representatives 67% in the Senate

There are 538 votes in the electoral college and a simple majority of 270 is required to win the presidency. If none of the candidates achieves this, the House votes again with only one vote per state; only 51% is required to win in either case.

A two-thirds majority of the Senate is required to convict the President from office. A simple majority in the House suffices to impeach and force the Senate to hold a trial.

The U.S. House of Representatives, which must pass an impeachment resolution by a simple majority.

Yes, because the voters don't choose the President and Vice President; they choose the electors who choose the President and Vice President. A person can be elected President without a majority of electoral votes, too. It happened in 1824. If no candidate has an absolute majority (more than half) of all of the electoral votes, the House of Representatives elects the President, and they are not required to vote according to the will of the voters or the electoral college. Since 1964, that required minimum number of votes is 270.

With regards to securities markets, a margin buyer is a person who only puts up a portion of the cost for buying securities. The rest of the funds required is borrowed. The "margin" of what percentage is required is set by a governing body. In the US, the margin requirements are set by the Federal Reserve Bank of NY.

what did the instructor say in the sylabus ??

The US Constitution gives this choice of wording in the required oath of office.

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He didn't choose to run for president, he was chosen to be president by the American people.

Easy, they choose for what they think, what the president promise.

It depends on the constitution, if any, and the legislation of the country in question.

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AnswerIf there is a voting tie for the office of the Vice President, the Senate is empowered to choose the Vice President.

Every 4 years we choose a new president in the United States.

The framers the elector to choose both vice and the president by the most vote. This is chosen by a group.

Italy elects a president democratically

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