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Can Called GOOD STUFF for small cracks and around electrical outlets,pipes,cables,conduit and dryer vents. the stuff cuts easily after drying for a night with a bread knife,then can be covered, if needed :with some painters or sylicon caulk then some paint for a smooth finish. Home Depot and lowes have it.

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Q: What material will provide the best insulation?
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what type of siding will provide the best insulation?

I think the bonded Vinyl siding will provide the best insulation

What provide the best insulation?


What materials provide the best insulation?


What materials are the best for hot insulation?

yolo,the best material is either bubble wrap or styrofoam

What is the best material for RCA noise reducing caps?

PTFE (Teflon) Insulation

Which cladding material is best suited for sound insulation in an auditorium?

Timber tiled

What is the best material for work gloves meant for handling burning metal?

The best material for work gloves handling burning metal are typically made from leather and Kevlar with an insulation filling to prevent heat transfer through conduction. Insulation material and insulation grams will largely determine the duration of time a glove will resist heat.

Which is the most effective soundproofing insulation material?

There Are Many Good Soundproofing Insulation Materials, but Insulation and Mass-Load Vinyl Seem to Be the Best. Mass-Loaded Vinyl and Insulation Are Good for Filling Gaps.

Does Gore Tex provide insulation?

No not very much, Gore-Tex is a water-proofing material it is a thin fabric.

Which is the best home insulation material?

blown in insulation. Some of this insulation, you may have to request it. It is recycled from newspapers and other thing. It insulates better and you are being green at the same time.

Which window shades provide the best insulation from the cold?

Window Quilt is a shade insulation product that will be strongly recommended. Check out the website at

What one of the cladding material is best suited for sound insulation inside an auditorium?

timber tiles