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Piping material used for forming gas would be 316L stainless steel.

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Q: What materials are suitable for forming gas piping or dissociated ammonia gas piping?
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Dissociation of salts?

Salts can be dissociated: - thermally, by heating - in water solutions, forming ions

What happens to ionic compounds in the human body?

They are dissociated in the water from the organism, forming ions.

What produces H-ions in solution?

Acids are dissociated forming hydrogen cations.

Why are salts strong electrolytes?

Because the soluble salts are dissociated in water solutions forming ions.

When salts are dissolved in water they form?

Soluble salts are dissociated in water forming cations and anions.

What is the key difference between electrolytes and non electrolytes?

Electrolytes can be dissociated in water forming ions.

Are hydrogen gas and ammonia gas explosive?

Hydrogen is explosiveAmmonia when mixed with oxygen, it burns with a pale yellowish-green flame.At high temperature and in the presence of a suitable catalyst, ammonia is decomposed into its constituent elements. Ignition occurs when chlorine is passed into ammonia, forming nitrogen and hydrogen chloride; if chlorine is present in excess, then the highly explosive nitrogen trichloride (NCl3) is formed.

What happens to the ions in an ionic compound when dissolved in water?

An ionic compound in water is dissociated forming ions.

What do acids and bases give off when in water?

Many acids and bases are dissociated in water forming ions.

What is a true Arrhenius acid?

An Arrhenius acid is a substance dissociated in water and forming hydrogen ions H+.

What is the net ionic equation for NaCl?

Sodium chloride is dissociated in water forming the cation Na+ and the anion Cl-.

How dissolving is best described as?

Dissolution is a physical process; the solute is dispersed or dissociated in a solvent forming a homogeneous mixture.

What is the chemical equation of reaction of ammonia and water?

Ammonia is dissolved in water forming ammonium hydroxide:NH3 + H2O = NH4OH

What is the chemical equation when ammonia reacts with water?

Ammonia is dissolved in water forming ammonium hydroxide:NH3 + H2O = NH4OH

When salt is dissolved in water the salt is?

Sodium chloride is dissociated forming ions Na+ and Cl-. Also the salt is the solute.

process by which cell takes in materials by forming a vacuole around it?


What does NH3 stand for?

Ammonia, a very soluble, weakly base forming, gas.

What does the enzyme urease do?

catalyzes the hydrolysis of urea, forming ammonia and carbon dioxide

What materials are used in vacuum forming?

Vacuum Forming - Commonly Used Materials for Heavy Gauge Vacuum Forming:ABSPC/ABSHDPETPOHIPSPVC/Acrylic.

Is vacuum forming suitable for thermoforming or thermosetting plastic?


Chemical formula for liquid ammonia?

Liquid ammonia can refer to: a) Ammonia dissolved in water solution, forming Ammonium hydroxide = NH4OH b) Ammonia condensed to its liquid state = NH3(L) [Write the L in lower case]

Why does ammonia NH3 behave as soon as a base as it reacts with an acid?

Ammonia reacts with acids forming ammonium salts but also can donate a proton, as an acid.

How are ammonia glucose and water the same?

They are all molecules capable of forming hydrogen bonds.

Does water act as an acid or base with Ammonia?

Water always acts as an acid with Ammonia ,water donates H+ ions forming the Ammonium ion NH4+.

Why does ammonia accepts H ions in water?

The ammonia molecule has a lone pair of electrons with which a hydrogen ion might bond, forming an ammonium ion. H+ + NH3 --> NH4+