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It could your sciatic nerve or a pinched nerve in your back. You should see your doctor and then possibly a Chiropractor.

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Q: What may cause numbness in your right side of head while sitting down?
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What Causes of numbness in right foot while sleeping?

Laying on your foot

You are 24 years old and you have been having tingling and some numbness in your right arm what does it mean?

One cause can be excessive mouse use, especially if you lean on the table while using your computer.

Is sitting on one leg likely to cause knee pain?

it will hurt for a while...

Why do your hands get numbless while asleep?

The numbness in hands is a sign of loss feeling or sensation. Numbness can happen if you are laying on your hand while sleeping.

What would cause a person to faint while sitting 10 minutes after a fall on your face?

A concussion

What is your speed while sitting?

It depends what you are sitting on or in.

Can sitting on a stool cause peroneal nerve injury?

Well I suppose yes cause one can damage th CPN by having presure on fibular head in lithotomy position or even while sitting on stool Well I suppose yes cause one can damage th CPN by having presure on fibular head in lithotomy position or even while sitting on stool

Why does my right shoulder hurt when I stand or sit?

You may have arthritisANSWER:Try standing on your legs and sitting for a while and give your right shoulder a break.

What is wrong when you turn or stretch while in bed you get severe head pain on the right side of your head with numbness along your head and face later?


Does a bulging disk in low back cause pain while sitting lying do and standing?

It can. I would talk to your doctor. A bulging disc can cause all kinds of symptoms such as back pain, radiating leg pain, hip pain, foot numbness, neck pain, arm pain, etc.. The only way to really be sure is to be seen and hopefully get an MRI or CT Scan to be sure.

What is the cause of numbness of body?

Another cause of limb numbness is the hyperventilation some people experience when they're anxious or afraid. While numbness usually is a harmless symptom, doctors stress that any sudden, unexplained numbness could be a sign of a serious illness and should be checked out. Among the more serious causes of numbness are poor blood circulation, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, diabetes and carpal tunnel syndrome-a compression of the nerves of the wrist, which causes numbness in the hand and fingers. Numbness also can be a warning sign of an imminent stroke or transient ischemic attack (TIA), a mini-stroke that temporarily causes symptoms of a major stroke such as paralysis or blurred vision. Without proper medical treatment, a TIA can lead to a full-blown stroke that may cause permanent physical or mental impairment.

What would cause Dizziness only after sitting for a while?

you mussles dont move long and sece they are ussually moving they get dizzy

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