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Grate is used in front of a fireplace. and famous is they r homonyms

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Q: What means famous and is used in front of fireplace that is a homonymn?
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What can your cat do in front of the fireplace in winter that means 'to not tell the truth'?

Your cat can lie in front of the fireplace in winter and lie also means 'to not tell the truth'.

What homophone means a facing around a fireplace?

The facing around a fireplace is a mantel.

What homophone means ''a facing around a fireplace''?

The facing around a fireplace is a mantel.

Is fireplace a compound word?

Yes. Fireplace = Fire + Place and means the place where the fire is.

Which homophone means a facing around a fireplace?

grate, great

Use of fireplace to save energy?

Using a fireplace means you don't have to use as much heat in your house, as they fire also produces natural heat. Heating hosues takes fossil fuels and energy, so having some heat come from a fireplace means that less heat has to be taken from natural resources like oil and coal.

Reasons to Buy a Fireplace Screen?

When people purchase a new home, the last thing they usually think about purchasing for the home is a fireplace screen. A fireplace screen is one of those things that people rarely think to purchase for a home, because it seems so unnecessary. Some people even think a fireplace looks more stylish without a fireplace screen. However, the truth is that every home absolutely needs a fireplace screen for a fireplace. It is a huge fire hazard to live in a home that has a fireplace with no fireplace screen. This article will discuss all of the reasons a person should consider investing in a fireplace screen for a fireplace in a home. First off, as mentioned, a home is a fire hazard without a fireplace that has a screen. Without a screen, it is quite easy for a fire to spread from a fireplace within a home. One of the top causes of fires in the United States is started when homes lack the necessary fire preventative measures. One great fire preventative measure for any home is a screen which is placed in front of a fireplace. When a fireplace lacks a screen, then it is very easy for a fire to spread throughout a home. There are many places to buy a fireplace screen for affordable prices. A great idea is to look at a garage sale for a fireplace screen. A person can likely pay only a few dollars for a fireplace screen at a garage sale, rather than purchasing a brand new one at a retail store. Another idea is to purchase a fireplace screen online, rather than at a retail store. Purchasing a fireplace screen online means that a person will only have to also pay tens of dollars, rather than pay a hundred dollars or so. Overall, it is a great idea to consider one's alternatives when buying a fireplace screen. There are plenty of places to look when buying such a screen. In addition, it is something that will keep a house safe for years to come. One will never have to worry about fires spreading with a fireplace screen in the home.

What is a 6 letter word that means fireplace starting with the letter H?

The word i believe you are a looking for is Hearth.

What is the French word for fireplace?

Une cheminée. yes, I know it means a chimney, but that's the word they use.

What is Mark Appleyard famous for?

Mark Appleyard is famous for being a professional skateboarder. He is notable for skateboarding "goofy-footed", which means his right foot is at the front instead of his left foot. He has won several awards.

What is a homophone for mantle?

Homophone means sounds like. The shelf over a fireplace is a mantel. Sounds like mantle.

Why did pilgrims have fireplaces in their homes?

Because the wood stove had not been invented. The fireplace was the means of cooking and heating at that time.