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The customer is defined as a transaction between Provider and an individual in a purchase transaction involving sales of goods and services. The customer is the individual purchasing the goods and services. Who are your customers is an understanding that a company must know the kind of individuals who are willing to purchase goods and services. The individual can be a business or a person, who has taken an interest in buying what the company is selling.


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Irate customer means angry customer. The customer who is angry because of poor services provided.

it means a normal individual going to business and buying a product this what a private customer means

Unwavering customer service means you are a saint.

it means if you are a customer and you do what they if you do than you get great service.

What is good customer service? This means that you are going to provide professional customer service directly with the customer and answer every question and concern the customer may have.

Think of what you value most AS a customer. How do you like to be treated when you go into a store and why. Think of these things and make a list. You've BEEN a customer so you know how it feels to BE a customer. That's what a customer means to you.

Great customer service means that the customer is always right no matter what situation you are in.

Customer portal means that a customer can access the web page, order services, configure their customer page, upload customer content and contact data.

It means Customer table

Means delivery of goods to customer while positioning model means designed of what to deliver to them

report means nothing in this sentence. The word you are looking for is rapport and it means a relationship or bond with the customer.

for eg: for a product required by a customer, the benchmarking will be done by the customer. it means the product is of good quality which the customer was expecting. Benchmarking means the product has relative performance which is expected.

Credit customer means that this customer has a credit term with the company. Credit term means that the customer can pay at a later date. Illustrations: Alice is your credit customer, she has credit term of 60 days. Alice bought stuff from you on 1st Jan, she can then pay you on 60 days after 1st Jan, which is 28th February.

This means that the card's information is encoded.

Going the extra mile for a customer means to do the job plus more. A solid customer service representative will give the customer more than they expect.

customer value means that the company or the organization provide the customize products according to the demand and will of the customers which provide the customer loyalty.

if you work in a shop customer service means you help the customers find what they want

A customer driven marketing strategy puts the customer and their needs and perceptions first. This means truly listening to what the customer wants, not telling the customer what they want.

Customer behavior is dependent on many secondary factors such as competition, environment and trends. Losing a customer could be temporary as well as permanent phase.

It means that you are a telecommunication (telecoms) customer.

Producing a good service means having a good-customer relationship with your customer/client.

it means that if u are u customer u need to stick up for your self

it means customer care service delivered in healthcare providers such as clinics and hospitals

It means if a customer for example wants something done or has a complaint, you try to fix it and keep them happy. Also the customer is always right

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