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Length of the perimeter and the depth. Is it a diving pool?

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2010-11-02 21:36:14
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Q: What measurement you need to find a swimming pool?
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What is the measurement of the swimming pool?

it depends on which swimming pool

What is measurement and label of the swimming pool?

it depends on which swimming pool

What unit of measurement would you use to measure a swimming pool?

It depends where you are. The term I find most common is Gallons.

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Which units of measurement would be most useful for measuring the length of a swimming pool?


Where can you most likely find a swimming pool?

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Why need to wear swimming attire to swim in swimming pool?

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How much is 1 width in meters?

There is no such unit of measurement as a width. If you wish to know how wide a swimming pool is, ask someone who is in charge of your local swimming pool and they might know.

What do you need for diving into a swimming pool?

A pool. Water. A swimsuit. Time

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