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I am looking for a suction cup that uses a motor/ actuator instead of a air compressor.

Check out "VERIBOR lever suction cups", I could remove the lever from this and attach an actuator to it, but that would be a very dirty solution. Is there any suction cups on the market that only require linear motion, built to be attached to an actuator? Or is there perhaps a module containing a suction cup attached to a linear actuator?


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what i found out was if your vacuum doesn't have suction you need to make sure you have all the air out of the hose that is attached to you vacuum.

The suction cup will lose its attachment, unless it has an additional adhesive. Suction cups attached to a surface are held there by the pressure of the outside air, which is higher than the pressure under the cup. The suction cup is trying to return to its uncompressed condition, and pulls away from the surface, reducing the pressure under it.

Types of suction items are suction cups, suction hooks, and suction hoses.

No, because we have so much more body mass than the lizards the cups wouldn't be able to hold us as well

Its the hose that attached to a vacuum. Its where the suction is transferred from the vacuum cleaner to any attachments. Its also generically referred to as a vacuum for your car.

Its on the large hose (suction side) coming off the a/c manifold attached to the compressor...........

The proper suction pressure of any air conditioning or refrigeration system is determined by the type of refrigerant used and sometimes the amount of charge. : Suction pressure used is also directly related to the temperature required. : The temperature required in the evaporator relates to the pressure required in the suction line since, the fluid is at saturation in the evaporator. : Knowing the temperature required, use the fluid's saturation tables to find the corresponding pressure required.

The opposite of a compressor. A vacumn cleaner is a suction device. Were you ever on a baby bottle. You used suction to get the formular out of there. A suction machine sucks!

A pnemothorax is basically when to much pressure or tension is put on the lung and it collapses. To fix the problem doctors will usually put in a chest tube attached to a suction machine, this will help reinflate the lung.AnswerA pnemothorax is basically when to much pressure or tension is put on the lung and it collapses. To fix the problem doctors will usually put in a chest tube attached to a suction machine, this will help reinflate the lung.

some use a mechanical geared pump but most smaller bikes use suction and gravity feed fuel lines

Suction is caused by an are of negative pressure.

Low side is the suction side and will have the larger hose attached to it and the high side is the discharge side and will have the smaller hose........

A chest tube. Inserted between the ribs into the pleural space and attached to suction to allow reinflation of the lung. Requires inpatient hospitalization.

First of all, the plural of octopus is octopi, not octopuses. And yes, they are mollusks, considering they have shell-like suction cups attached firmly to their eight tentacles.

When you stick a suction cup on a window you force the air out of the suction cup and you create a high pressure vaccume keeping the suction cup on the window.

No, they don't have suction on their head

Cut a potato, rub the juice on the suction cup. This really does work. I don't know why.

NRV is Non Return Valve which is prevents to liquid flood back to the suction line over the impeller or other else.

you would suction the mouth then the nose.

They don't have suction cups they have tube feet

A single suction pump having its suction nozzle on the opposite side of the casing from the stuffing box and having the face of the suction nozzle perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the shaft

No, a suction cup works by forcing air out of the space between it and the surface it's on. No air = no suction.

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