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You already use 100% of your brain. It is a myth that we don't. See related question, "Why can't people use 100% of their brains ?" Also related link.

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Can you make your brain work 100 percent?

Only one way you can try to improve your brain usage 100 percent, by doing meditation. But it need lot of dedication.

What percent of your brain is used for senses?

We only use about 5 percent of our brain for senses. Research has shown that we do not use 100 percent of our brains. About 10 percent of our brain is not used.

How can you use 100 percent of your brain?

Very carefully...

How much percent did newton use his brain?

100% everyone does.

How much percent of brain do the scientists use?

Same as you, 100%.

How much percent did albert Einstein of his brain use?


How do you use 100 percent of the brain?

To use 100% of the brain is to concrete on something and close your eyes and then think about it for at least 4 hours

Which organ has the most nerve tissue?

It may not be 100 percent true but the brain has the most nerve tissue because nerve cells, which make nerve tissue, are found in the brain.

How do you make 0.1 into a percent?

To make a decimal into a percent, just multiply by 100. 0.1*100 is 10. 0.1 is 10 percent.

What percent of brain do we use?

You have heard it said that we only use 10% of our brain. That is untrue, we use 100%.

How many percent do you use of your brain do you use?

Despite the popular myth, you actually use 100% of your brain.

What percent of brain Einstein used?

He only used 9% in 100%

How do you make 0.3 percent Triton X-100?

triton x-100 stock percent? 100% ?

Do you use 100 percent of your brains?

No you don't use your whole brain. Only part of your brain is ever used.

How much percent of brain use by stephan hawking?

100% all humans do.

Why can't people use 100 percent of their brains?

The belief that people do not use 100 % of their brain is a mere myth. Using 100% of your brain is not exhibited in telekinesis or telepathy. It is exhibited in the daily working of your brain. See link below.

How do you make yourself 100 percent healthy?

You make yourself 100% healthy by;

How can you make 59 percent out of 120 percent to 100 percent?

You divide 59 by 120, and then multiply by 100. This gives 49.1667%

How can you access 100 percent of your brain?

You already do. The 10% of your brain used is a myth and a little thinking would show you that is true.

How do you turn 10 percent into a fraction?

To make a fraction from any percent, divide the percent by 100. 10 percent = 10/100 or 1/10 .

How do you make a percent a fraction that is not mixed?

Whatever the percent is, put it over 100. 37% = 37/100

How do you make a percent?

What percent is A of B? Formula= A/B x 100

How do you make 1.32 to a percent?

1.32 to a percent = 1.32 * 100% = 132%

How do you make a 9 percent saline solution?

To make a 9 percent saline solution, start by preparing a 100 percent salt solution. With a bottle of 100 percent salt water, take 9 percent and dilute with distilled water to make a 9 percent saline solution.

How many percent can Buddha use of his brain?

Probably 100 percent, because if you become a Buddha you achieved maximum level of consciousness