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Q: What medicine do you need for a sick hamster?
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What medicine do you need for a sick dwarf hamster?

Only a veterinarian can evaluate the situation, take your hamster as soon as possible.

What medicine do you get if your dwarf hamster gets sick?

brind it to the vet

Do hamsters need medicine if they are sick?

Hamsters will need to be taken to a vet, and he or she will give you a prescription if needed or, they will tell you what will need to happen for your hamster to live a happy life.

How do you know if a hamster is sick?

If you're hamster is sick, it will have reactions. Wet tail for example is a very common disease for hamsters, especially syrian hamsters. If you're hamster has wet tail, under the tail it will be dirty and if you're hamster is sick, you should go to the vet and ask if its really sick and if it is then buy some medicine.

How often should you take your hamster to the vet?

you dont need to take your hamster to the vet unless its sick or ill.

How to tell if robo dwarf hamster is sick?

How to tell if robo hamster is sick

Will veterinary medicine be needed in the future?

As long as animals get sick, there will be a need for veterinary medicine.

Why won't my hamster drink and how can I fix it?

Your hamster probably is in need of better caring conditions and he/she is probably depressed or sick. HOPE YOUR HAMSTER FEELS BETTER!

What medicine do you need for the sick Pokemon?

You need the Secret Potion, and you can get it at the Cianawood Pharmacy.

What to do when your hamster is sick?

i suggest for you to go to the vet to see what kind of sickness it is if you don't already know. and if you do still go to the vet for medicine or to the pet store they have medicine too

Could you put your hamster in your sink?

no your hamster can get sick

Can a sick hamster get a dog sick from human transfer?


What type of paper does a doctor give to you when you are sick?

A reciept when you need medicine.

Can you feed a hamster pepperoni?

yes,but the hamster will get sick and have diarrhea

What happens if a hamster gets sick?

bBring your hamster to the vet.

What does it mean when a dwarf hamster is making a squeaking noise?

Hungry or sick, it might need assistance.

Can your hamster get your bunny sick?

If the hampster is in fact sick, then yes

Can hamster drink a smoothie?

My hamster loves medicine smoothies. Mix medicine powder with smoothie, serve in eyedropper.

Why was medicine made?

they use medicine because people in this world get sick a lot and they need to get better so they use it

Why is your hamster having trouble walking?

Your hamster is sick or maybe frightened.

Why is my hamster's urine a milky white?

your hamster might be dying or it is sick

Can your cat get sick from bitting a hamster?


How can you tell if your hamster is sick?

if it is poopin

What to do when hamster is sick?

bring them to the vet.

Can hamsters take medicine if so what medicine and how much should it take?

It all depends on what the condition/disease the hamster has, what medicine you propose to use, and the size of the hamster. DO NOT, under ANY circumstances, give your hamster medicine without seeing a veterinarian first.