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There are several metals which do not react with sulfuric acid; once such metal is gold.

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Sulfuric acid and metal?

The reaction between a metal and sulfuric acid lead to the formation of sulfates.

Is sulfuric acid a non-metal oxide?

No, not strictly speaking. Sulfuric acid is a mineral acid. It is made by reacting Sulfur Trioxide with water. Sulfur Trioxide IS a non-metal oxide.

Is a metal railing rusting in damp water a chemical change?

Yes, because the oxide in the air and the water reacting with the metal causes it to rust. It is irreversible so it is classed as a chemical reaction. :D

What is the reaction o copper and ammonia?

Copper is a metal element. It is not reacting with ammonia.

In the reaction between magnesium and sulphuric acid name a metal?

Magnesium is the metal. Sulfuric acid is a compound.

Sodium oxide reacting with sulfuric acid?

metal oxide + acid -> salt + water sodium oxide +sulfuric acid -> sodium sulfate + water Na2O+ H2SO4 ->Na2SO4 + H2O

If you used hydrochloric acid and metal would the reaction have been the same if you had used sulfuric?

Given the general equation:acid + metal ---> salt + waterSo, the only difference between a reaction with a metal and hydrochloric acid or sulfuric acid is the salt formed, a chloride and a sulfate respectively.

What happens when sulfuric acid and magnesium metal?

The chemical reaction is:Mg + H2SO4 = MgSO4 + H2

In a salt forming reaction metal atoms replace what atoms in the reacting acid?

The metal atoms take the place of the hydrogen atoms that were in the acid.

What metal is left when zinc reacts with sulfuric acid?

This reaction yields zinc sulphate and hydrogen gas.

Will the copper after reacting with sulphuric acid remains colourless?

I don't understand: copper is NOT colorless. It has a redish brown, shiny metal color. It will change color after reaction with sulfuric acid, giving the blue copper sulfate color, which is easily dissolved in rain water and washed of.

Why does dry ice vibrate when it touches metal?

because the ions are reacting with each other. The molecules from the metal which are the metallic atoms and the water molecules are reacting which cause them to vibrate. The reaction can either be pulling the molecules closer or pushing the moleules apart.

Is rust a result of a chemical reaction. why?

Yes. It is the effect of the metal atoms reacting chemically with oxygen atoms in the air.

Can you melt a broken drill bit in aluminum using sulfuric acid?

Sulfuric acid does not melt metal, it oxidizes it and dissolves it. Aluminum will react with sulfuric acid, but because of the protective coating of aluminum oxide the reaction is extremely slow.

What causes fizzing when hydrochloric acid is added to magnesium?

this is due to the whole reaction concept. In more detail, a displacement reaction is taking place where the chloride ions is reacting with the magnesium metal, thus the hydrogen gas formed. due to the hydrogen formation fizzing takes place.

What is corosion?

Corrosion is a chemical reaction that breaks down metal. This can happen due to environmental conditions or through on object reacting with gases.

Na2O H2O NaOH What type of reaction?

Na2O + H2O ---> 2NaOH this is a metal oxide (base) reacting with water to form an alkali

When copper metal reacts with sulfuric acid?

Copper metal does not have enough reactivity to react with sulfuric acid.

Why Magnesium React with Hydrochloric Acid violently?

In general, acids react with metals in a replacement reaction, since metals can replace the hydrogen component of the acid. The more electropositive the metal is, and the stronger the acid it, the more energetic the reaction will be, and in the case of magnesium reacting with hydrochloric acid, we have a highly electropositive metal reacting with a very strong acid.

Why a catalyst is not considered a reactant or product in a chemical reaction?

A catalyst is unchanged by the reaction, and remains as it was. It causes the start of the reaction, but is still there AFTER the reaction. Example- the catalytic converter on an automobile exhaust contains platinum metal. This causes a chemical reaction to take place in the exhaust gasses, but the metal remains in the converter, and is not consumed.

What kind of reaction occurs when water and a metal oxide react to form a metal hydroxide?

In simplified terms, this is a synthesis reaction since both reactants are reacting to produce one product. H(OH) + CaO --> Ca(OH)2

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