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Brass, composed of 80-90% copper and 10-20% Zinc. There are some other metals that make up the smaller components, such as spit valve, braces, and the mouthpiece, but it's probably 90% brass.

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What metals make brass?

brass is made by copper and zinc.:)

What other metals are in brass?

Tin and copper are used to make brass

Copper and zinc are combined to make what?


Are metals elements?

Yes Some are Iron is (symbol Fe) Brass is not, as it is made of other metals combined - so is a compound, not an element itself.

What metal is used to make brass?

Copper and Zinc are combined to make brass. You can change how much of either is in the mix to get different properties in the brass.

What element was combined with copper to make the brass?


What two metals make up the alloys brass?

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc.

Is brass made of two or more metals?

Zinc and copper make brass, and tin and copper make bronze.

Is brass a strong metal?

Brass is a strong metal but not the strongest metal. Steel is stronger. Brass is somewhat malleable. Aluminum is sometimes combined with brass to make it stronger.

Can you make something with brass and gold combined?

no, i'm sorry, you can't

What metals are combined to make gunmetal?

zinc and aluminium

Brass is a mixture of what two metals?

Zinc and Copper Copper and zinc make up the mixture (alloy) brass.

What two metals make the alloy brass?

penis haha by eathan

What metals make cultery?


What metals are in zinc?

zinc is a raw element it is just zinc no metals are combined to make zinc

What metals are combined to make bronze?

Normally copper and tin.

What metal or non metals are used to make brass?

Copper and tin/zinc

Brass is a precious metals?

is brass a precious metal

Which metals make brass?

Brass: 55-70% Cu + 30-45% Zn Bronze: 90% Cu + 10% Sn

Brass scrap is what?

brass is 80 to 90 percent copper and 10 to 20 percent zinc.why is brass worth less than both metals required to make it?

What metals are used to make jewelry?

The main metals and precious metals that are used to make jewellery are gold, silver, titanium, platinum, brass, copper, titanium, stainless steel and more.

If brass is an alloy of copper and zinc and they exist as solids how is an alloy of brass made?

Copper and Zinc are melted down to liquid state. Then the two metals are combined in some difficult to explain process. When the liquid metal cools, the alloy Brass is formed.

What is bronze and brass?


What is a constituent of brass?


Is silver copper nickel or brass an alloy?

The metals silver, copper and nickel are elements. It is brass that is an alloy, and copper and zinc are what make it up.

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