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Gold, Platinum and Ruthenium

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Q: What metals are safe with chromic acid?
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What is the name of the acid H2CrO4?

Chromic Acid

Why does chromic acid react with aldehydes?

Because chromic acid is an oxidizing agent.

What is the main advantage of the hypochlorus acid compared with chromic acid?

Hypochlorous acid is a stronger oxidant than Chromic acid

What is the name formula for HCrO4 as acid?

I like to believe that I am correct in saying... Chromous Acid. Chromite being the polyatomic ion.

How chromic acid is prepared from potassium dichromate and sulphuric acid?

Chromic acid is the acid in chromic acid. The chemical formula is H2CrO3 (Not correct)Added & Corrected:Often the species are assigned the formulas H2CrO4 (dihydrogen chromate) and H2Cr2O7 (dihydrogen dichromate).The anhydride of these "chromic acids" is chromium trioxide, also called chromium(VI) oxide (2CrO3=Cr2O6).Regardless of its exact formula, chromic acid features chromium in an oxidation state of +6 (or VI), the highest known.


chromic acid

Will diamond react with chromic acid?

No, it does not

What is chromic acid?

Formula: H2CrO4

What is the name of HCr2O4?

Chromic acid

Preparation of chromic acid from chromium trioxide?

A general rule of thumb in chemistry is that metal oxides in water will form acids: CrO3+H2O -> H2CrO4. In fact, Chromium Trioxide is often sold as Chromic anhydride, that is, the anhydride of Chromic acid (take away water from Chromic acid, and you have...)

Is H2CrO4 weak acid?

Chromic acid, H2CrO4, is a strong acid.

What is the solvent for aluminium oxide?

Phosphoric acid and chromic acid