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There are some types of metals that will freeze at high altitudes. Some of the common ones include lead, zinc and aluminium among others.Ê

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Cirrus clouds appear at low to high altitudes?

just high altitudes

What is the difference between the lifestyle of people living in high altitudes and low altitudes?

One difference n the life style of people living in high altitudes instead of low altitudes is weight. People living in high altitudes are typically not over weight. They also have less heart disease

Why do jet airplanes fly at high altitudes?

Jet airplanes fly at high altitudes because it is more fuel efficient. Flying at higher altitudes uses less fuel than flying at lower altitudes.

Why do ears pop at high altitudes?

Your ears will pop at high altitudes because of changes in pressure. As you reach higher altitudes the pressure drops and the changes cause "pops" in your ears.

What type of clouds are wispy and occur at very high altitudes-?

Cirrocumulus cloud is a clous that often appears at high altitudes.

Where is air pressure greater at high altitudes or low altitudes?

It is greater at a lower altitude.

Where is weathering the deepest?

high altitudes

What are clouds altitudes?

up high!

Why there is snow on top of these mountains?

The air gets colder at high altitudes. Sunlight warms the ground, and high altitudes are farther from that warmth.

Why are the freezing melting and boiling points lower on high altitude?

Heat is only energy. In areas of low pressure, such as high altitudes, "heat" particles, which are charged electrons, escape more quickly. As more "heat" (electrons) escapes more quickly, things freeze more quickly. As far as I know melting and boiling points are higher, not lower in high altitudes.

What is difference between the lifestyle of people living on high altitudes and low altitudes?

i dont know the answer

Why is the boiling point of water lower at high altitudes?

At higher altitudes the atmospheric pressure is less when compared to that of plains. The lower atmospheric pressure results in lower boiling point of water at high altitudes.

Do high altitudes cause drowsiness?

High altitudes do cause drowsiness because there is less oxygen in the air, so you can't breathe normally.

Can snakes survive at very high altitudes?

Snakes can not survive at high altitudes because they have never experienced that before. they will be harmless and one can play with them.

Why does hail come down from the clouds?

Hail is water droplets that have been supercooled and then forced into higher altitudes by high winds. They freeze there and fall as hail before melting back into rain.

Can propane burn at high altitudes?

yes it can

Can willow trees survive at high altitudes?


What clouds that form at high altitudes?


Where is air pressure lowest?

at high altitudes! :)

How do you land safely from high altitudes?

With a parachute

Do high altitudes make you run faster?


Which cloud has low to high altitudes?

cumulonimbus clouds are at low, medium, and high altitudes while others are imbetween such as fog which is at the bottom of the low altitude.

Does freezing feel colder in high altitudes?

No, though higher altitudes will be at the freezing point more often.

Is it true that boiling point remain constant in all altitudes?

No, the boiling point decrease at high altitudes.

Is freeze a noun?

The word freeze is both a verb and a noun; for example:Verb: We make enough to serve one meal and freezeanother.Noun: They're expecting a freeze in the higher altitudes.Noun: There's a hiring freeze until the end of the year.

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