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FiFO In case the pricing issues from inventory must be deferred until the end of the accounting cycle, prudent norms require that the inventory be valued on FIFO basis would generally be the case, save where any particular situation demands special attention, as in the case where the current market value is lower than the actual landed cost of the materials, in which case the lower market realisable cost comes into play. However, where the material is being held as a part of an actual executable contract which is valid as on the date of determining the value, even if it is higher than the actual realisable value, would be the correct cost as long as it is deemed to be the net realisable value of the said materials. This is my personal opinion and from my reading of the materials available on this matter, seems to be what the statute requires too.

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Q: What method of valuation should be used if the pricing issues from inventory must be deferred until the end of the accounting cycle?
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