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by heating it

(distillating it) :)

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How do you separate kerosene oil from mixture of kerosene oil and petrol?

The method is fractional distillation.

What method will separate petrol from crude oil?

In simple terms.. Fractional distillation. The crude is heated, and the vapours collected. The vapours are then condensed - producing petrol.

What method of separation is used in the refinery to separate crude oil into its constituents such as petrol kerosene diesel?

Fractional distillation ( i think)

How can you separate petrol and diesel from crude oil?

Fractional distillation. Petrol and diesel evaporate at different temperatures.

How do you separate kerosene oil and petrol?

you simply boil it and the petrol Will sit at the bottom while the kerosene sits at the top

What petrol do you use in a lawnmower?

Ordinary 87 gasoline, the same you put in a car. It depends if it is a four stroke or two stroke engine. If the engine has a separate filler for oil then plain petrol will do. If there is no separate filler the 25 to 1 petrol /oil mix should be OK.

How would you separate crude oil into petrol oil diesel etc?

you put all the gas from the petrol into a tube with water and then a spare tube will take the crude oil into it. so there you go.

What does crude oil separate into?

bitumen, fuel oil, lubricating oil, diesel, kerosene, naphtha, petrol, refinery gas

What separating method to use to separate crude oil to get pure oil?

The best method is fractional distillation.

Could you separate water and petrol quickly without heating?

No, not quickly. You can separate oil from water by freezing it all.

What method of separating mixtures be used to separate oil from oil-water mixture?

Decantation is the simplest method.

What is the name of method to separate oil from water?


What chemical process is used to separate petrol from crude oil?

Fractional distillation x

How many liters of petrol is produced from one barrel of crude oil?

crude oil is unrefined oil, and it has to broken down & burned to separate it into what we know as petrol{gasoline/diesel}. one barrel is 55gallons of crude, a proximate guess of 150 to 200gallons of petrol.

How is oil related to petrol?

Oil is petrol

Which method to separate oil and vinegar?

This is the separation with a separation funnel.

How is petrol formed?

Petrol comes from crude oil. When dead organisms are subjected to extremely high pressures for millions of years, the organic compounds in the organisms will transform into hydrocarbons that are present in crude oil. This crude oil is then distilled using fractional distillation to separate different components, such as petrol.

Can petrol and oil mix?

Petrol and oil will mix, with the petrol acting as a solvent.

How is distillation used to separate crude oil into fractions which can be used to make substances such as petrol and plastics?

you use metromorphism distillation to separate the fractions

Are petrol and oil the same?

Petrol is processed oil.

Where is petrol made?

In one of a nuber of refineries in a process called "cracking" to separate the components of crude oil.

What method is used to separate the components of crude oil?

Fractional distillation.

What method is suitable to separate the mixture of liquids in crude oil?


What method is used for separation between petrol and water?

use a funel because the petrol is oil based and if you leave it a while the petrol will soon rise to the top and the water will flow though the funnle

Which method would be best to separate a mixture of oil and water?

- Seperation by density !