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"To cope with illnesses brought on by the climate, [New England] colonists heeded Native Americans and looked to local plants and herbs as medicines. For instance, colonists learned from Native Americans that the Boneset plant could be used to break fevers and chills and could treat diseases ranging from colds and influenza to malaria and typhoid." from THE AMERICANS page 61

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How did they cure illnesses in the southern colonies?

the southern colonies used food and herbs.

What methods did they use to cure or deal with illnesses?

They? Exactly WHO are you asking this question about?

What methods did they use to cure illnesses in the southern colonies?

There was a selective few cures in colonial times, simple because the practice of medicine had not advanced. Physician's normally used ancient remedies such as bloodletting, herbs and quarantine.

What methods did the middle colonies use to cure or deal with illnesses and diseases?

Answerthey used food to help live through these diseses like malaria and smallpox, they also used Native American teqniques. and local plants.

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