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Cupertino Middle School and Kennedy Middle School.

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Q: What middle schools go to monta vista high school?
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When was Monta Vista High School created?

Monta Vista High School was created in 1969.

What schools take avid students?

Monta Vista High School has an AVID program.

Which were the School to Watch schools of 2011?

Vista verde middle school

When was Bonita Vista Middle School created?

Bonita Vista Middle School was created in 1968.

What is Bonita Vista Middle School's motto?

The motto of Bonita Vista Middle School is 'Preparing Tomorrow's Leaders'.

What school is better chula vista middle or mongomery middle?

mongomery middle

Where is Bella vista middle school?

Murrieta, California

What middle schools have lockers?

Hilltop Middle doesn't. Only Hilltop High. Chula Vista Middle, I don't know.

Which is a better high school to attend and why Monta Vista...a public school in Fremont Union School District...or all girls private high school?

Defiantly Monta Vista, the public school. That one because in my opinion a public school is best because it gets you better prepared for the real world, because in the real world its not all girls its every body and every type of people. You'll also get just as good education as a private school and your child won't feel as preserved and more free, (probably less likely to rebel not that they would just saying)

When do we get out of school on November 25 at monta vista high school cupertino California?

Since Nov. 25 last year was a flip-block day, the school day ends at 12:45 pm. This year, Nov. 25 is a Thursday and there will most likely be no school on that day.

When doese rancho del rey middle school in chula vista go back to school?


In which country is Bella Vista high school?

Bella Vista High School is located in the United States of America. It's in Fair Oaks, California and it's one of the public schools in the San Juan school district.