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Q: What might be an incentive for taking a pet-sitting job?
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Im 13 i need a job what can you do besides babysitting petsitting or mowing lawns?

try house sitting.

Where can a 14 year old in Orlando Florida get a job?

Publix, Winn Dixxie, Lifeguard, Babysitting, Petsitting, etc.

What is a sentence for incentive?

Incentive is another word for motivation. You could say "Lack of money gave him the incentive to get a job".

What is the mean of incentive in job?

An incentive is an usually monetary reward for performing a certain task.

What do you mean by incentive in salary plus incentive?

The term "salary plus incentive" is typically found in a job posting. This means that the company has something to offer a potential employee in addition to the base salary. Incentive examples include bonuses, benefits, or other job luxuries.

What is a incentive'?

Rewarded for excellent job through opportunities.

What is a monetary incentive?

Rewarded for excellent job through opportunities.

Is Jojo taking Miley Cyrus's job?

no she is not but the news says that Selena Gomez might

How can you get a job if you'r 17 year old girl without citizenship?

That limits it, by a lot. Without citizenship you can get jobs that are not legally jobs. As is petsitting, babysitting, etc.

Does job satisfaction make employees to perform better?

Yes, because it boosts morale and is an incentive to do a good job.

What questions should someone ask themselves before taking a job?

Ask "Is this a job you might enjoy?" Or "Am I getting paid good money?" Those are some really important questions you should ask yourself before taking a job.

What is incentive bonus?

An incentive bonus is when a person will receive extra money for a job well done. Incentives are used in the workplace to increase employee morale and productivity.

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