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the media is the biggest bottle neck here. i.e a cd-r will hand higher burning speeds than a cd-rw will.

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What has the potential to cause a mutation in the DNA?

A mutagen is a substance that has the potential to cause a mutation in the DNA.

What cause a burner flame to be smoky?

too little oxygen

What is the relationship between a synapse and an action potential?

A synapse and an action potential have a flip-flopping cause and effect relationship, in that an action potential in a presynaptic neuron initiates a release of neurotransmitters across a synapse, which can then subsequently potentially trigger an action potential in the axon of the postsynaptic neuron, which would then cause release of neurotransmitters across a following synapse.

Can the wind blow out the burner on the hot water heater?

A big enough gust of wind could possibly blow out pilot light, which would cause burner to go off. Unlikely burner to get blown out by wind.

What withdrawals are the deadliest?

alcohol withdrawals have to potential to cause seizure and death, most others only cause extreme discomfort but do not have the potential to cause death.

What is the between hazards and risk?

hazard is anything that has the potential to cause harm to people, equipment and the environment, while risk is consequence and likelihood that hazard has the potential to harm to people, equipment and environment.

Does strong stimuli cause the amplitude of action potential to increase?

No, strong stimuli does not cause the amplitude of action potential to increase.

What is the use of laboratory burner?

There are several uses for a laboratory burner. These burners can be used to heat and sterilize objects. They may also be used to cause certain items to combust.

What condition has the potential to cause injury illness or death of persons?

Depression is a condition that has a potential to cause injury, illness or death of persons.

What target organ cause by malaria?


Can subthreshold stimulation cause an action potential?


What is used to heating a solvent?

Examples: Bunsen burner, alcohol burner, electrically heated plate, infrared lamp.Attention: heating of organic solvents may be the cause of fires and explosions !

What do you do before you light the Bunsen burner?

make sure that the gas ins't leaking as it can cause a fire

Is gravitational energy kinetic or potential?

its potential for sure cause am in 10th grade and we just learned it

What may cause the laboratory burner strike back?

what causes the burner to strike back and what must one do when this happens? A strike back will occur whenthe air hole of a Bunsen burner was not closed when lighting the Bunsen burner. You will then see a flame in the air hole of the Bunsen burner and may hear a strange noise . If a strike back happens, you should turn off the gas tap and inform the teacher immediately. Do not touch the chimney of the Bunsen burner as it is extremely hot. You can light the Bunsen burner again when the chimney has cooled down. :)

Why the gas hose has to be flat in a Bunsen burner?

because it might catch light to the flame and cause an explosion :)

How many watts does a Blu-Ray Burner use?

it takes over 80 cause i have one

Does a pile of coal have potential energy?

i think it does cause coal is made out of rocks that get burned so it does have potential energy

Can you buy a CD burner to install into a laptop computer?

Yes you can. You can buy a separate cd-burner for your laptop that plugs into your usb port. They are very cheap but you would have to be careful with them cause a simple fall can break them easy.

Why is it necessary to use a protective mat under the Busen burner?

because it makes you burn up cause your a twit

What would cause some of the burner jets on a natural gas heating unit not to flame up?

Clogged jets

The ability to do work or cause change is called?

potential energy

What are the benefits of genetic variation and what are the potential problem that it can cause?


Do plants have the potential to cause mechanical weathering?

yes but he did leave

What object is energy stored in to cause change?

potential energy

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