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Elevated BP can cause the nausea and dizziness. Get that condition under control as soon as possible and the rest of it will probably take care of itself.

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Q: What might cause dizziness nausea and a blood pressure spike from 134 over 58 to 226 over 87 in a very healthy 78-yr-old female and tests indicate no stroke or MI and has anyone else experienced this?
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What does a low diastolic blood pressure like 136 over 62 indicate?

Low diastolic blood pressure can indicate heart problems, endocrine problems, dehydration, allergies, blood loss, infection, or pregnancy. It can cause dizziness and fainting.

Does low air pressure cause dizziness?

Yes. Drowsiness, dizziness & low blood pressure.

What causes headache and dizziness?

You might be suffering pre-eclampsia which you have a high blood pressure and dizziness.

Is dizziness a sign of high blood pressure?

Yes,dizziness is a sign of high blood preasure.

What does an elevated pulmonary wedge pressure indicate?

an elevated pulmonary wedge pressure indicate that the pressure in the left atrium is evevated .

Can clogged ears cause dizziness?

Yes, clogged ears can cause dizziness. When there is fluid trapped inside the ear, the increased pressure can cause dizziness and possibly vertigo.

What causes dizziness when standing up?

Sudden change in blood pressure.

What are the causes of dizziness and how can I stop it?

The main cause of dizziness is high blood pressure. I suggest you make an appointment to see your doctor. He will test your blood pressure and if it is too high he will give you medication to correct the problem.

What causes dizzeness?

Dizziness can be caused by many of things. It could be caused by sickness, been pregnant or high blood pressure.

What signs may indicate heat exhaustion?

Look for tiredness, short quick breaths, hunger, and dizziness.

Is dizziness a sign of low blood pressure?

Dizziness is one symptom of low blood pressure. You should probably get checked out by your doctor, just to make sure that nothing too serious is wrong with you. Best wishes.

Can Omeprazole capsules cause dizziness?

the side effects of the medicine-swelling on hand and leg,dizziness,uneasyness in breathing,high blood pressure,vomiting,

What type of air pressure do clear skies indicate?

low pressure

Is there a high blood pressure medication that does not cause dizziness?

High blood pressure medication should not cause dizziness, if it is you are taking too much which means that your blood pressure drops too low particularly when you stand up. You need to discuss with your doctor how much and what you need to take.

What does an aircraft's altimeter indicate?

air pressure

What does a narrowing pulse pressure indicate?

A problem

What heart problems can cause dizziness?

Low blood pressure or low oxygen saturation (%).

How is dizziness treated by doctors?

If dizziness continues, drug therapy may be required to treat such underlying illnesses as high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, nervous conditions or diabetes.

What does the L symbol indicate on a weather map?

What does this symbol indicate on a weather map? low pressure

Does rising air indicate high pressure?

Rising air can indicate high pressure but it does not have to be the only cause. Rising air can be caused by temperature increases as well.

What symptoms indicate a kidney infection?

The symptoms that indicate a kidney infection are urinary problems, blood in the urine, abdominal pain, fatigue, nausea, dizziness, confusion, mood swings and many more.

What laboratory values would indicate a patient has experienced an acute myocardial infarction?


What does blood pressure reading of 100 over 70 indicate?

a really good pressure

What does rising atmospheric pressure usually indicate?

a high pressure system is moving into an area

Standing up dizzy?

Dizziness when standing occurs due to low blood pressure. The body is at rest and upon standing the heart needs to pump faster to supply more pressure. The dizziness is the moment leading up to when the proper blood pressure is reached. This is not normally something to be concerned about. However if it continues to happen, you should get your blood pressure checked at your doctor.