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What might cause the dome lights on your 1993 Buick Century to work only some of the time and what can you do to fix it?


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2006-04-09 18:22:39
2006-04-09 18:22:39

There is usually a switch somewhere on the door frame that gets pushed in when the door is closed (which actually means that the swith contacts are open and no current can flow) but when you open the door the switch contacts are closed current flows and the dome light comes on. Check and make sure this switch is working correctly. There may be a circuit that keeps the dome light on after you leave your car and this may be the culprit also. It may also be that the dome light itself is starting to burn out. Aint electricity fun? LOL Seriously, most electrical problems have to do with a loose wire, bad switch or poor insulation. But then again it could be something more involved. It's like most problems, it's all about putting on your detective hat, having the right equipment and snooping around. Having a shop manual will almost always be a benefit. TommyTrouble


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it might be a horn relay switch or a wire or simply check related fuses in the compartment.

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That might be the PCV pipe or some other vacuum leak. That will cause stalling.

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The low traction light comes on in the 2003 Buick Century if the road is icy or if the road is wet. This is a warning light to let the driver know to slow down. If the light is coming on for no reason, the tires might be the problem. Bald tires can cause this light to come on.

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This might help and it might not. On the 94 Century, from the back of the alternator, go to the fairwall. You'll find a 4 wire connector, disconnect and remove the regulator.

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checked fuses, or checked for voltage to interior light socket?

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