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Could be poison. Needs Vet.

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Q: What might cause your dogs breathing to be laboured stomach to swell and loss of appetite?
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What might cause your dog to have a loss of appetite and swollen stomach?

Go to vet NOW, this is serious.

What is the cause for stomach bruising?

trouble swolowing and tough to breathing and hurts to cough

How does drugs affect your stomach?

Certain drugs affect your stomach by shrinking your stomach and thus losing your appetite and they can also cause inflammation and calluses on the walls and thus causing painful ulcers.

DOES THE Depo shot cause stomach problems?

There are several different side effects to the Depo-Provera birth control shot. Some of these include headaches, depression, hair loss, and acne. It can cause changes in appetite but usually does not cause stomach problems.

Does alzhiemers cause sleepiness and loss of appetite?

Alzheimer's can cause sleepiness and loss of appetite.

Why don't you give big breaths when rescue breathing?

Because the excess air will go into the stomach & cause the patient to vomit.

What is is the cause of gastric distension during rescue breathing?

During rescue breathing some of the air given by the resuscitator may go down the throat to the patients stomach which causes gastric distention.

Can coenzyme Q10 cause side effects?

Reported adverse effects related to supplemental CoQ10 use include diarrhea , irritation of the stomach, poor appetite, and nausea.

Can schisandra cause side effects?

Schisandra is safe for long-term use; it has relatively few side effects. It has, however, been reported to cause upset stomach, heartburn , decreased appetite, and skin rash.

Does bipolar cause loss of appetite?

Sometimes. Periods of mania can cause Bipolar people to eat too much, or completely forget to eat. Periods of depression can also cause loss of appetite. Oh, and many medications for Bipolar Disorder can cause appetite loss.

Does shingles cause loss of appetite and nausea at the sight and smell of food?

Yes, shingles will cause loss of appetite at the sight and/or smell of food.

Does Strattera cause acne?

Strattera's most common side effects are stomach upset (including nausea, vomiting, dyspepsia or indigestion, appetite decrease, fatigue, and mood swings).

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