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What might inhibit bacterial growth?

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Many things.

* Lack of food * Lack of oxygen * Incompatible environment (too hot, too cold, etc.) * Toxins (antibiotics, anti-microbials, etc.)

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Why use isopropyl alcohol to inhibit bacterial growth?

Isopropyl alcohol is used to inhibit bacterial growth because it acts as a disinfectant. This kills the bacteria and prevent them from multiplying.

What best describes how to inhibit bacterial growth?

raise temperature

Are antiseptics subcutaneously injected drugs used to inhibit bacterial growth?


What is minimum inhibiting constant?

is the minimum concentration of an antibiotic that inhibit bacterial growth

How does penicillin inhibit bacterial growth?

Penicillin inhibits bacterial growth by preventing the formation of peptidoglycan that helps to form the bacterial cell walls. This will then cause the bacteria to weaken and the cell to die.

Why do fungi produce antibiotics that inhibit bacterial growth?

For the same reasons we need them: To fight off bacterial infections. So that the bacterial growth is inhibited! We and fungi both need antibiotics to fight off bacterial infections.

What is the definition of antibacterial activity?

drugs or compounds which are having the ability to inhibit the growth of bacteria or kill the bacterial species

What structures found in the skin help prevent water loss and inhibit bacterial growth on the surface of the skin?

oil gland

Why salted fish can be stored for 3 months?

Because the salt draws fluids from the meat and helps to inhibit bacterial growth.

How do you inhibit bacterial growth?

by using a bacteriostatic agent or making conditions unfavourable for growth ie. by changing the temperature, oxygen availability, pH, nutrient media on which it is cultured.

Does temperature affect bacterial growth?

Yes. Bacterial growth increases with temperature or humidity. Lower temperatures will inhibit or completely stop bacterial growth, but not kill bacteria. The best temperature for fastest growth of some bacterial strains (such as E. coli) is the human body temperature at 37°C. However, most species cannot survive in extreme temperatures. One way to kill common bacterial pathogens using heat is by boiling, a common sterilization technique.

Do dimes have more bacteria than pennies?

Actually copper, nickel and silver help to inhibit bacterial growth, therefore coins are far less likely to carry numerous bacterial colonies.

Can too much sodium chloride inhibit bacterial growth?

Yes it can. Before refrigeration was invented, people exploited this by "salt curing" meat.

Are medications that are capable of inhibiting the growth of or killing pathogenic bacterial microorganisms?

Yes there is a medication that stops pathogenic bacterial microorganism, it is called antibiotics. It is widely used today to prevent and inhibit infectious diseases.

Can cold kill bacteria in milk?

No , the cold will just inhibit the bacterial growth. When the milk returns to a favourable temperature the bacteria will begin to multiply again.

What is antibiotics produced by?

Antibiotics are chemicals that kill or inhibit the growth of bacteria and are used to treat bacterial infections. They are produced in nature by soil bacteria and fungi.

What is the purpose of adding rose Bengal and streptomycin solution in the rose Bengal agar medium?

The purpose of both is to inhibit bacterial growth. The media is used for growing fungi.

How does the noble gas family affect everyday life?

You use helium in balloons. Neon and argon in lights. Argon is used as an "inert" gas to inhibit bacterial growth.

Discuss a bacterial growth curve and phases of bacterial growth?

Discuss the microbial growth curve

What is an agent that inhibits the growth of bacteria?

Antibiotics inhibit the growth of bacteria.

What might inhibit fungal growth?

Many people are mistaken that bleach and other household chemicals kill fungus. Wrong. The only way to inhibit fungal growth is by drying out the area rigorously making the fungus try to live without moisture..... which is impossible.

What are the conditions that contribute to bacterial growth?

the conditions that contribute to bacterial growth are moisture and air

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