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Gold. Eye patch.

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2012-04-29 03:57:47
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Q: What might pirates kid find if they lost their tooth?
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What happens when a tooth is lost?

Well it depends what type of tooth is lost. If a baby tooth is lost than over time a new adult tooth will grow in. If an adult tooth is lost than no other tooth will grow in it will from then on an empty space.

How does the tooth fairy know you lost a tooth?

The tooth fairy is your parents

Can your teeth still grow back at the age of thirteen?

If a baby tooth was lost a big tooth will replace it, but if a big tooth was lost then no tooth will grow in its place.

How do you get HM 04 on Pokemon FireRed?

Go to the Safari Zone and find a lost tooth and go out and go to the house next to the guy that gives you a rod and and taik to the guy that lost his tooth and he will give you HM 04

How many times have the Pittsburgh Pirates lost the World Series?

The Pirates have lost twice in the world series.

How do you know if you lost a tooth?

Uhhh, the tooth would be gone.

Where might you find a lost phone?

phone c3

Can you still get money from a tooth fairy when you can't find you tooth?

The Tooth Fairy must have a parent approve that you have lost a tooth. Show your parent the space where your tooth was and make sure a parent contacts the tooth fairy. Do not be in the same room as the parent who is contacting the tooth fairy, it is top secret data. Good luck!

What should you write in a letter to the Tooth Fairy saying that your tooth is lost?

Ha, when I read this I felt so many flashbacks. I remember one of my letters to her was something like this. Dear Tooth Fairy, I lost a tooth again! This is my (number) tooth that I lost already. Thank you for coming, it gives me a lot of support. Thank you for the money, too. I can't believe I lost a tooth again!

How do you identify the type of shark from a shark tooth?

Scientists have a special tool to help them find out what species the shark was, how old it was when the tooth was lost, and if the shark had any diseases or sicknesses.

What are some items found that begin with the letter A?

You might find an acorn. You might find someone giving you advice. You might find your lost anklet. You might find the answer to this question. You might find your appetite. You might find artwork that you like. You might find that you need an attorney.

Can the tooth fairy not give you money even if you lost your tooth?

The tooth fairy doesn't even exist.

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