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How did the people moved from place to place since the stoneage?

It started with feet.

In the animal world which of these creatures might hang together since they live in the same place?

Jaguars and toucans

Why other people favorite place is church?

Some people consider church their favorite place since it is where they get their spiritual nourishment. They feel closer to their creator when in church.

How long have people argued over the death penalty?

Since the penelty was put in place

What was the population of atlantis?

Since people can't even find Atlantis we have no record of if Atlantis even exists we might never know how many people Atlantis might have inhabit id

What is the main reason why animals get abused?

Because they usually get abuse by people who are drunk, high, etc People might say oh it's not there fault they were drunk/high yes it is in the first place it is illegal second you can get a huge fine but you might not even have money since you wasted on beer/weed, so you just might go to jail. End of story. don't do it very big consequences.

What is the place value of 3217 bold digit?

Since there is no bold digit, there is no place value!Since there is no bold digit, there is no place value!Since there is no bold digit, there is no place value!Since there is no bold digit, there is no place value!

Why do people make fun you when your short?

People might make fun of you if you're short because they might think that since they are taller then you they can make fun of you!! But that is seriously wrong. Why can't we have a peaceful world?

Is it okay for people to drive a car without stopping?

No since you might collide with something or someone else

Are famous people on disney superbia?

maybe ther is since their probably the first people to know about superbia's creation in the first place

How was Australia used as a british colony?

it was a place for banishment. criminals were sent there. then, a gold rush began and has since then been populated by mostly white people. the ABoriginal people were since moved aside

Is it illegal to pee on someone when eighteen?

Since we don't pee on people, there might be a law that would cover it. It might be considered assualt if they want to press charges.

How old is count olaf?

i think since people think he might be 45 when he died maybe in the first book he might be 43 or 44 years old.

Where is the most common place to get skin cancer?

The most common place for skin cancer is the ears, since most people forget to apply sunscreen their.

Did the Bermuda triangle exist this 2010?

Since the Bermuda triangle is a theoretical place, rather than a physical place, it exists as long as people believe that it does.

Why are pronouns necessary?

because some people would get confused since they aren't a person, place,or thing

How does plate tectonics make earthquakes?

when plate tectonics move too quickly, everything gets out of place and that causes an aftershock. even if you have a GPS, if you go somewhere, it might or might not be the right place, since the whole earth, and the earths crust is moving. :D your welcome !

Why might Mount Sinai be an important place for followers of judaism today?

It was the location of the giving of the Torah to the people; however the modern-day Mt. Sinai in Egypt is of no importance to Jews since it is mostly likely not the same mountain mentioned in the Torah.

Where does Pinocchio take place?

The author, Carlo Collodi, was Italian, and he wrote the book in Italian. We could maybe assume that it takes place in Italy, but since it's a fairy tale, it might as well take place in any fantasy land.

Is Wikipedia trustful?

Wikipedia is a good place to start - but since anyone can enter information, that information might not be correct.

When was Stonehenge found?

Stonehenge was never lost. It has been in the same place since it was built and people have always known it was there.

How many people live in the Great Plains Desert?

Since there is no such place as the Great Plains Desert, nobody lives there.

Can ashes be spread on the tombstone at the cemetery?

Not necessarily since it's a public place. But if you do it while nobody is around I guess nho one will know. Some people might find it a little disturbing if the wind and stuff is blowing and the ashes are flying everywhere...

Where is the tongue depressor in Nancy drew the hidden staircase?

Everytime you play it might be in a different place. Some people found it in a bathroom, and some in a closet, but since it changes almost everytime, there really isn't a straightforward answer to this question. Hope this helps somehow!

How do you teach the nomads art?

since nomads move from place to place what form of art are they thought since nomads move from place to place what form of art are they thought