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Q: What military resource is involves in many of the public works related to the nations waterways and coastal areas including dams levees and waterway dredging?
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How do military bridges help the military?

helps them cross waterways too deep to wade across..............

Why was it so important for the colonial powers to claim the waterways?

The waterways connected settlements, distributed goods and people throughout the area. Because of this, control over a significant waterway increased the colonial power's economic and military strength .

Which approach involves a few leaders and military cadre seizing control of government structures or exploiting a revolutionary situation?

penis The approach that involves a few leaders and military cadre seizing control of government structures is a coup. A coup is a rebellion against the government and take it over by force.

What military strategy involves air bombing mobile forces and the elements of speed and surprise?


How did African involves in World War I?

The African Military helped France in World War 1

What analysis involves determining the location function capabilities and application in support of military operations.?


Which movie involves Matthew Broderick trying to save chimps from military testing?

Project X

Does the military tank involves technology and what kind?

It involves many kinds of technology. Tracked mobility, sleek shape, re-active armour, gun stabilisation, and many other things.

What is the meaning of flyover?

A common flyover is a formation of military aircraft that flys over an event, such as the Super Bowl. A formal military flyover involves a formation of military aircraft flying over a military related event, such as a military funeral, where one aircraft is missing, representing the lost service member.

What is the definition of military training programs?

It is a program that involves navy armed forces and other milatary based programs.

Is there a career that involves parachuting?

There are openings in the military that require skydiving. Also there are jobs as a stunt man (or woman), or as an instructor.

Does the military out rank the fire department?

It all depends on the situation. If it involves a fire the F. D. has the authority, If it involves national security the Military had authority. But they usually work together when the necessity arrives. Interestingly enough the military has fire departments within the military. During the Vietnam war I served in the US Air Force Fire department as a rescue fireman. I was a fireman and an Airmen at the same time. We had both Military rank (I was a Sargent) and Fire Department Rank ( I was a Station Chief) at the same time.