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Switzerland contains a variety of different minerals. Some of these minerals are aluminum, iron and steel, petroleum, selenium and cement.

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Minerals found in Switzerland?


What are the main minerals in Switzerland?


Is Quartz found in Switzerland?

=Yes, Quartz is found in Switzerland.=

What does Switzerland import?

Switzerland imports bacon, fat, minerals, oranges, building materials, and popcorn.

Minerals found on gumamela?

what is the minerals found in the gumamaela?

Can minerals be found in volcanoes?

minerals can be found anywhere

What foods are found in minerals?

minerals are found in foods..

In Switzerland what are the minerals mined?

hydropower potential, timber, salt

Where are igloos mostly found in Switzerland?

There are no igloos in Switzerland.

Are minerals found in butter?

Yes, minerals are found in butter.

Where are minerals found on Earth?

minerals are found in earths crust

Who found Switzerland?


Where are minerals found on the earth?

Minerals are found at a layer called crust

Minerals are only be found in nature?

minerals are only be found in nature?

What rocks and minerals are found in glue?

Their are no rocks and minerals found in glue

What are the minerals found in maldives?

Till now no minerals are found in Maldives.

What are the minerals found in the poles?

I think the minerals found in the poles are coal, oil, gas and other valuable minerals .

What minerals are found in bone what do minerals do for your bones?

Mainly calcium and phosphorus are the minerals are found in the bone and they strengthen the bone.

Which minerals can be found with quartz?

Many minerals are found in association with the mineral quartz.

What are the minerals found in Delhi?

Mica is one of the main minerals found in Delhi.

Which hemisphere is Switzerland located in?

Switzerland can be found in the Northern and Eastern Hemispheres.

The Alps can be found in?


What minerals are found in slate?

There are a variety of minerals found in slate. Some of these minerals include quartz, muscovite, as well as illite.

Where are oats found?

Oats were first found in Switzerland

Which minerals found in citrus fruits?

vitamin-c minerals found in citrus fruits

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