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siliceous mineral

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What is siliceous minerals?

The minerals that contain silica. This would include quartz, as well as the silicates. The siliceous ooze is the biogenic sediment, containing the remains of organisms whose skeleton is based on silicates.

What is the difference between calcareous ooze and siliceous ooze?

Calcareous ooze is composed of calcium carbonate, while siliceous ooze is made from silicon oxide.

What is siliceous ooze mostly composed of?

It is a mixture of water and the silica shell remains of marine plankton.

What type of soil is in oceans biomes?

The ocean floor is composed of three different types of soil, known as pelagic sediments or marine sediments. They include calcareous ooze, red clay and siliceous ooze.

What part of speech is ooze?

"Look at all that ooze!" - in this case, "Ooze" is a noun (a thing).""The tank is beginning to ooze water". - In this case, "Ooze" is a verb (an 'Action' word).

What does 'ooze' mean?

the word ooze means to move slowly

When was The Ooze created?

The Ooze was created in 1995.

Does ringworm ooze a liquid?

yess it does ooze a liquid

What is ooze?

Ooze is water and corn starch mixed together...

Do hemorroids ooze?

They can "ooze" blood but usually not a large amount.

Do some volcanoes actually ooze?

Yes, they ooze lava.

Do starfish ooze?

60 percent of the time, they ooze all the time.

What is calcareous ooze an example of?

Calcareous ooze is an examploe of biogenous sediment.

Calcareous ooze is a example of what?

Calcareous ooze is an examploe of biogenous sediment.

What is a sentence for ooze?

I noticed that a frog was trying to hide in the ooze. A rivulet grew from the ooze of mud. After the flood, mud was oozing through the floorboards.

What is the antonym of ooze?

one antonym of ooze is rushing, the opposite of driping slowly! :)

Make a sentence with the word ooze?

I see it as part of the primordial ooze I suppose.

What do litter bugs leave behind?

soft mud or slime

What is the meaning of the ooze?

Ooze means slime or very gooey substance or a fun slime you play with.

What sediment is an example of calcareous ooze?

Chalk and limestone are examples of the calcareous rock formed from ooze.

What does a ooze token do in magic the gathering?

An Ooze token is a creature that can be created. The token card is the representation of that creature.

What are the two types of biogenous sediments?

Two types of biogenous sediments are calcareous ooze and siliceous ooze.

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