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Only the Philadelphia & San Francisco Mints struck $20.00 gold coins in 1901

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Q: What mints struck 1901 twenty dollar gold coins?
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What mints struck the 1899 Liberty twenty dollar gold coin?

8-13-11>>> Only the Philadelphia & San Francisco Mints struck $20.00 gold coins in 1899.

Was a 1981 Susan B. Anthony minted?

Yes all 3 mints struck SBA dollar coins but they were only issued in Mint sets.

Who mints the one dollar gold colored coins?

If you mean the US one dollar coins in circulation, it's likely the United States government strikes them.

What are the one dollar coins worth?

U.S. one dollar coins have been minted for more the 200 years at 5 different Mints. They have been struck in gold, silver, copper-nickel and brass..... so a date is very important for a value. Post new question.

How many different dates and mint marks for Sacagawea coins are there?

The coins have been struck every year since 2000 at the Philadelphia, Denver & San Francisco Mints so 11 years X 3 Mints = 33 coins

What coins does the US mint make?

The US has four mints that make coins. The US mints make coins in the denominations of 1 cent, 5 cents, 10 cents, 25 cents, 50 cents, and 1 dollar for general US circulation. Half dollars and dollar coins are not often used but they are legal tender and can be used in circulation. The US mint also makes bullion coins made of silver and gold. On top of that they make special coins that commemorate anniversaries of special events. These are just some of the coins that the US mints make.

Where is the mint mark on a 1965 US half dollar?

The use of mint marks on US coins was suspended during 1965-67 so that the mints could catch up with demand for clad coinage after most silver coins were hoarded and melted. Because of that, it's not possible to tell which of the 3 mints struck a particular coin having any of those dates.

How much is a 1921 silver half dollar?

Depends one which one you want. 1921 coins were struck at 3 different mints price range is $50.00 in G-4 to $28,000.00 IN MS-63 for a 1921s.

What is the value of a 20 dollar coin?

More information is needed. Genuine US $20 gold pieces were struck for circulation from 1849 to 1932 at several mints, and other countries issue $20 coins either as bullion pieces or for collectors. Please post a new and more specific question with the coin's country of origin and date. what is the value of United States twenty dollar gold coin and where to sell? what is the value now of United states twenty dollar gold coin and where to sell

Where are Republic of Palau coins minted?

Although an independent country, the Republic of Palau uses the US Dollar as its currency. Those coins are minted at the various US Mints. Palau also issues "Republic of Palau" thematic collector coins, also minted at US mints.

Where were coins manufactured in America in 1845?

I don't know about other countries in the Americas, but in 1845 there were US mints in Philadelphia, New Orleans, Charlotte, NC, and Dahlonega, Georgia. The mints in Charlotte and Dahlonega struck only gold coins. The New Orleans did not strike any copper coins.

The worth of 1896 silver dollar?

3 Mints struck coins in 1896. What one do you have?Value runs from $22.00 in G-4 for the Philadelphia mint (no mint mark) to $1800.00 in MS-60 for the San Francisco mint.

How many 1904 20 dollar gold coins issued?

The combined mintage from both Mints ( Philadelphia & San Francisco ) and including Proofs is 11,391,272 coins

Where is the P on 1901 P silver dollar?

Philadelphia did not use a P mint mark on dollar coins until 1979. For all other mints, the position on a Morgan dollar is above the DO in dollar.

What mints created the 1924 peace dollar?

1924 Peace dollars were struck at Philadelphia and San Francisco

How many different types of 1904 silver dollars?

Three Mints struck the 1904 Morgan Dollar. Philadelphia, New Orleans and San Francisco. The Philadelphia mint also struck a small number of proof coins that makes a total of 4 different 1904 Morgan dollars.

What is the value of us Booker t Washington 1946 half dollar?

The 1946 Booker T Washington Memorial half dollars were struck at all 3 U.S. Mints. Many unsold coins were relesed into circulation or melted. Circulated coins regardless of mintmark are valued from $15.00-$20.00. Uncirculated are $21.00-$25.00 for most coins.

What were the to places where the us mints coins for curculain?

Currently just the Denver and Philadelphia Mints make coins for general circulation.

Why are coins called mints?

They aren't. The place where they are made are called mints.

Were all state quarters struck at the Philadelphia and Denver mints?

No. The coins sold by the mint in proof sets are minted in San Francisco.

How many us mints make coins?

The U.S. has 4 Mints that make coins. The Philadelphia & Denver Mints make the coins we use every day. Primarily, the San Francisco Mint makes Proof coins and the West Point Mint makes gold, silver and platinum bullion coins.

What is the 1923 peace dollar collection worth?

In 1923, Peace dollars were struck at all 3 mints. Philadelphia, Denver & San Francisco. In average circulated condition, they each have the same values of $31.00-$33.00 depending on the grade of the coins.

Did the San Francisco mint circulate the state quarters?

No. Only the mints in Philadelphia and denver struck the state quarters for circulation. Only proof coins are struck at San Francisco.

What are the american coins?

At present, the U.S. mints coins in denominations of 1, 5, 10, 25, and 50 cents, as well as one dollar (which is 100 cents). In the past, there were once coins for 1/2, 2, 3, and 20 cents, and gold coins for 2.50, 3, 5, 10, and 20 dollars. There also used to be both gold and silver one dollar coins.

Which U.S mints still make Roosevelt dimes?

The same as all other current U.S. coins - circulation issues are struck at Philadelphia (P mint mark on all coins except cents) and at Denver (D mint mark). Proof coins are struck at San Francisco (S).