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Concave mirrors are used in headlights.

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Q: What mirror is used in car headlights?
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How the convex mirror work in car headlights?

It doesn't.The reflectors in car's headlights' are concave.

Which type of mirror is used in the headlights of vehicles?

convex mirror

How are concave mirror used in your daily life?

As lamp reflectors, e.g. car headlights, reflector lights at home.

What is the little tab on a rearview mirror for?

It dips the mirror so that headlights from the car following don't dazzle you.

How might concave mirrors be used at school?

for the cars headlights and if your school has a makeup mirror

What are the headlights of a car?

the lights that are used to see in the dark.

What type of mirrors are used in headlights of the car?

Concave mirrors

Cancave mirrors are used in car head lights Why?

The light rays come together to make a bright spot of light. When a concave mirror is used in car headlights, a bulb is placed at the spot where light would come together. This has the effect of making the opposite happen. The rays of light shining out from the bulb are reflected off the concave mirror to make a strong beam of light, which travels out in front of the car to shine on the road.

How do you drain the rear view mirror in a 1998 Chrysler Sebring Lxi Coupe you think you bought a flooded car?

If you are seeing fluid in the mirror, or it appears to be leaking, then it wasn't a flooded car. There is a special chemical inside the mirror that causes it to get darker so you aren't blinded by headlights behind you at night. You are going to have to replace the mirror completely, or ignore it.

What lights were used in car headlights before LEDs?

Halogen Bulbs

What is the meaning of xenon?

A gas that is in the air. It is used in some car headlights.

What type of lens is used for the rear view mirror of car?

usualy concave mirror.