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Should be the Model 1873, and should be so marked either on the top tang behind the hammer or on the bottom tang under the lever.


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on the bottom of the barrel and reciever.

On the bottom of the receiver in front of the loading port

Check the receiver sides and bottom and the barrel

Slide the Top Lever to the right to open the chamber. Turn the shotgun upside down. Look at the end of the barrel between the receiver and barrel. Get a flashlight and you'll see a series of numbers stamped in the bottom of the barrel.

The barrel, bottom of receiver, and the slide. All should match. If not, you have a gun that was built from different lots.

There is a small double ridged blued sliding latch on the bottom of the receiver just behind the forestock. Pull/slide it rearward and the forestock drops down about 5 degrees. With the forestock released this little bit the barrel can be removed from the frame. Then slide the barrel forward out of the receiver. The forend does not disconnect from the frame without further steps. Reassemble in the reverse order. Be sure the barrel is oriented so the lug on the bottom middle of the barrel fits/slides into the bracket fit on the forend.

Iron Horse - 1966 The Pride of the Bottom of the Barrel 1-5 was released on: USA: 10 October 1966

When the receiver is locked closed, remove the forearm using the lever on the bottom of the wood. Next keep a firm grip on barrel and receiver, break the gun open by the lever on the top of the tang. When broke open the barrels will lift off and separate from the receiver and stock.

Depending on the model it can be found on the bottom of the receiver or on the barrel. how to find the year of a belguim browning over and under shotgun by the serial number 53125

On top of the receiver, just behind the barrel, there's the release button. Slide it forward and the barrel should open up from the receiver, hinging near the bottom rear of the forearm. This is a single shot shotgun, so you can only put in 1 round at a time.

Check date code stamp on barrel, see related links for information on the Remington Society of America.

There was only one mouldy apple at the bottom of the barrel!

The part of the elephant's back which is known as the barrel is the lower bottom back. This is usually covered by the tail.

On the bottom of the receiver, ahead of the carrier cutout, or on the left side of the receiver toward the bottom.

the top is the giver while the bottom is the receiver

First, clear the shotgun and make sure it is completely unloaded. Open the action halfway and unscrew the takedown screw. Pull the barrel forward and remove. Push the trigger housing pin out of the shotgun and pull down the rear trigger guard. Remove the cartridge stop and cartridge interrupter. Pull the bolt slide out of the bottom of the receiver. Push the forearm grip forward and off the gun. Push the bolt out of the hole where the barrel was. Move the elevator out of the bottom of the receiver and you are finished.

It depends on the model. The numbers are always on the receiver, never the barrel. Pumps and autos are on the bottom of the receiver, forward of the carrier. Over/Under serial numbers are under the action release lever on top of the tang. Move the lever to open and you will see the serial number.

It will be on the receiver side or bottom

No. The Stoeger 3000 has no barrel selector and always fires bottom barrel first.

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