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The main motivations for Spanish exploration of the New World were the search for new trade routes to Asia, the desire for wealth through the discovery of precious metals, the spread of Christianity, and the expansion of Spanish power and influence. Additionally, competition with other European powers played a role in driving Spanish exploration.

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Q: What motivated spanish exploration of the new world?
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Why did Spanish monarchs ecourage exploration?

Spanish monarchs encouraged exploration to expand their wealth, power, and influence. They sought new trade routes, resources, and territories to increase their riches and strengthen their position in the world. Additionally, exploration offered the opportunity to spread Christianity and convert indigenous populations.

What are some positive consequences of the Spanish exploration?

Some positive consequences of the Spanish exploration include the exchange of goods and ideas between Europe and the Americas, which led to economic growth and cultural exchange. The exploration also resulted in the expansion of European knowledge about the world and the discovery of new lands and resources.

What motivated francisco vasques to explore?

Francisco Vásquez de Coronado was motivated to explore by the lure of discovering riches and finding new lands for Spain. He also sought to expand Spanish influence and spread Christianity to indigenous peoples. Additionally, the promise of gaining fame and glory were likely factors in motivating his exploration.

What are the three reasons for Spanish Exploration?

The three main reasons for Spanish exploration were to find new trade routes to Asia, to spread Christianity to indigenous populations, and to expand Spanish territories and influence in the Americas.

Why did Spain get involved in exploration?

Spain got involved in exploration during the Age of Exploration in order to expand its territories, find new trade routes, and spread Christianity. Spanish explorers like Christopher Columbus, Ferdinand Magellan, and Hernán Cortés undertook expeditions to discover new lands and resources, establish colonies, and convert indigenous populations to Christianity. The Spanish crown saw exploration as a means to increase political power, wealth, and influence in the world.

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What was the main cause for frenchenglishand spanish exploration of the new world.?

to spread religion

Which grouping lists the main reasons for Spanish exploration of the New World?

The main reasons for Spanish exploration of the New World were to find new trade routes, expand their empire, spread Christianity, and accumulate wealth through resources such as gold and silver.

What are TWO statements that are true of the Spanish exploration and conquests in the New World?

Spanish exploration and conquest in the New World led to the spread of Christianity as missionaries accompanied the explorers. The Spanish conquests also resulted in the exploitation and decimation of indigenous populations through diseases, warfare, and forced labor.

Who financed spanish colonization?

The Queen of Spain financed Spanish colonization in the New World. The Queen also financed exploration in the name of Spain.

Why did the spanish come southwest?

The Spanish came southwest in search of wealth, power, and new lands to conquer during the Age of Exploration. They were motivated by a desire to spread Christianity, establish colonies, and control trade routes in the Americas.

Which event served to effectively end Spanish domination in the New World?

jacques cartier's exploration of the st. lawrence river

What year did Cortes arrive in the New world?

Hernan Cortes was a Spanish Conquistador that brought about the fall of the Aztec Empire. Cortes arrived in the New World to conduct his exploration in 1506.

Which two countries led the exploration of New World?

Spain and Portugal led the exploration of the New World