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Q: What motivates Arthur's decision to fight Mordred despite sir bediveres advice?
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Was Mordred Arthur step brother?

no he was King Arthurs nephew

Was Mordred King Arthurs half brother?

Mordred is King Arthur's evil step brother. It was a mistake committed by King Arthur before his father and Mordred's mother got married.

Did pellinore kill arthur explain?

No he didn't. Its claimed that Mordred did. In the battle against Mordred Arthur ran Mordred through with his lance. Dying, Mordred gave Arthur a mortal wound to the head with his sword. Arthur killed Mordred. Pellinore did in fact (according to those that believe) face Arthur in one to one combat. During this Arthur's sword snapped in two. This was NOT Excalibur buts its predecessor. Merlin, who was watching put Pellinore to sleep to prevent further injury. Merlin warned Arthur NOT to kill Pellinore as his sons would one day live to become 2 of Arthurs greatest allies against Mordred

When was I Am Mordred created?

I Am Mordred was created in 2001.

Who is Garet in you are Mordred?

Garet is Mordred's older half-brother.

When was Mordred Deschain created?

Mordred Deschain was created in 2004.

What was mordred's sword?

Mordred's sword was Clarent known as the cowards blade.

In poptropica where do you find the coordinates?

Under Mordred's bed in Mordred's House (The museum).

Who played Mordred in the movie Merlin in 1998?

Jason Done played Mordred.

How did Mordred die?

Mordred was killed by his father, King Arthur, at the Final Battle.

Who fatally wounded King Arthur?

He was killed, or at least mortally wounded, at the battle of Camlann by his son and nephew, Sir Mordred.

Is Mordred Morgana's Son?

Mordred isn't Morgana's son, he is Morgause's (Her Half Sister.) and Arthur's (Her Half Brother.). Mordred eventually kills Arthur in a battle.