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351m (modified) were last made in about 1980 to 83... 351c (clevelands) were last made in about the same time.

the police interceptors had a 351w with a card on it.

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Q: What motors in a crown Victorian 351w or 351m?
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Is the bolt pattern the same for a 351M and 351W?

No, the 351m has a big block bolt pattern, and the 351w has a small block pattern, this caused some what of a problem for me seeing as I had 5 spd tranny off a 351w that I wanted to put on my 351m.

How do you tell a 302 from a 351w and a 351m?

The simple difference between the 302 and 351w is simply deck height. The 351w is taller. They share a majority of interchanging components. Both the 302 and the 351w have a water cooled intake meaning a water bypass hose between the water pump and intake. The 351m would have an aircooled intake meaning no bypass hose. Also the head design of a 351m would make the engine look a lot larger (wider) than the 302/351w

Can you use the same transmission on a 351w and 351m?

No not if you plan on using the same bell housing.

How do you tell the difference in the 351w and the 351m?

look on the valve cover. if there are 6 bolts it is a win. and if there are 8 bolts it is a mod.

What does the 351 stand for?

In automotive terms, the 351C, 351W and the 351M were V8 engines produced by Ford. They had a displacement of 351 cubic inches.

Will a c6 fitted to a 460ci fit a 351ci?

Yes as long as it is a 351M, 351C and 351W use the smaller bellhousing pattern (same as 302).

Is the Ford V8 351 a small block or big block?

It depends. There is a 351 Windsor, a small block, a 351 Cleveland, a small block, and a 351 Modified, which is a strange mix of big and small block features. These are referred to as 351W, 351C, and 351M, respectively. The 351W looks just like a 302, only it's a couple inches wider. The 351C has a smaller block than a 351W, but much wider cylinder heads than the 351W. The 351C was offered in both 2 barrel and 4 barrel versions. The 2 b heads had ports a bit bigger than the 302/351W, but the 4b heads had HUGE ports. The Cleveland, although it's quite wide, is still very much a small block. (the block isn't much bigger than a 302's block) And then the 351M.. I refer to these as 351"Mutant", even though the M really means "Modified". This strange 351 has a hellhousing pattern and engine mounts that are interchangeable with 429/460 big blocks, but heads very similar to 351C 2barrel. The block itself is roughly the same dimensions as a 351W. It's more small block than big block, but a lot of guys refer to it as a medium block. Whatever. I just call them Mutants. And there you have it. A real quick way to check is to look at the number of bolts holding down the valve cover. Eight indicates 351C or 351M, Six indicates 351W. Also, 351W valve covers are flat and have a rectangular profile, while 351C and 351M usually have a trapezoidal profile. They never offered the 351C in a truck in the US, only the 351M/(and 400 - a stroked version of the 351M)

What is the firing order for 1987 F250 5.8L?

351w,351m,wiring and distribution fireing order=1-3-7-2-6-5-4-8

What kind of engine is in an 78 f250 ranger?

all big blocks , 351m,400m, 460 and I think the 351w. I'm sure of the smaller ones 351 and 400's as I've had trucks with them.

Which is a better motor a 351m or a 351c or 351w?

They are all good engines but the m is not a powerful engine. The 351c code R is considered by most to be the most powerful but there were low power models built which was Code H. The 351W is an entirely different engine than the 351C even though they are the same size.

Where is number 1 plug on ford 351?

Fords go clockwise your number one plug is if looking at it is on the left front left side 1234 right side 5678 on 351m and 351w and 400.

What is the firing order for a 1995 f-250 351 cu?

351W (5.8L), 351M, 400 and 1994 and later 5.0L V8 Engines... 1-3-7-2-6-5-4-8

You have an 85 Ford Crown Vicw 351w But the Dist.cap is for a 302How do you find out the correct firing order?

Should be the same firing order.

Will a 4 speed manual transmission from a inline 6 bolt up to a v8 302 or a 351?

YES IT WILL THE ONE THING YOU HAVE TO WATCH OUT FOR IS IF THE 351 IS A 351C OR A 351M THESE ARE BOTH BIG BLOCK. THE 302 AND THE 351W ARE SMALL BLOCK SO YOU SHOULD HAVE NO PROBLEM BOLTING IT UP. actually the 351c is a small block and the 351m uses both the small block and big block bell housing bolt pattern

Will a 351w swap with 300 6cyl?

Anything ispossible I ones swap a 351W to a Strait 6 Cyl.

How do you tell the difference in the 351w and the 351c?

There are different ways. One is that the 351w fuel pump bolts to the timing cover,the 351c bolts to the engine block. Water flows through the 351w intake manifold and does not on the 351c. The 351w has inline valves and the 351c has canted valves. The 351w has squared intake ports and the 351c has huge round ports. Hope this helps some.

351 big block taking out. replacing with 351 small block. will the transmission line up?

There is no such thing as a "351 big block". ALL Ford 351's are considered small blocks, tho the wacked terminology of "351 big block" is mistakenly and continually repeated by the un-knowing and by many who should know better. Ford Motor Company considers ALL 351's small blocks; 351W, 351C, and 351M. Ford made a 352 big block (FE block like 360, 390, 406, 427, & 428). If that is what you meant, no the transmission bolt patterns are not the same. The 351W and 351C both have the same trans bolt pattern but the 351M has a bolt pattern like the 429 and 460.

Which way does the distributor turn on a 351w?


Will a 351w bolt up to an aod?


What carburetor is used on a 1985 351W?

Holley 4180

How do i static time an engine?

how to static time a ford 351w

How much cc is ford 351 engine?


What is the horse power rating for a 1996 ford 351W?

205 HP

What is the horsepower of a 1974 ford ltd11 with a 351w engine?

163 HP

What does the M in 351M ford engine stand for Does anyone really Know Modified Michigan Midland or just a designation to differ it from the 351 Cleveland or 351 Windsor.?

Original answer: it really doesn't stand for anything, its just an "m" people think that it stands for modified or some of the others and that's fine, but in reality its just an "m" nothing more nothing less Additional answer: There is a casting code of MCC common to most 351M/400 engines. The code stands for "Michigan Casting Center." Many who know this believe the M stands for Michigan. I agree with the previous poster that Ford Motor Company does not officially call the M code engines by any other name; however, the M likely originates from the casting foundry name, as it does with the 351C and 351W engines. Note that many refer to the 351M as a 351 "modified" presumably because the M engines share components with the 351C and 351W. Of course, the designation "modified" could apply to many engines produced by any of a number of automakers, as many new engines are derived through some modification of an existing engine. So it is extremely unlikely that engineers at the Ford engine group would call a new 351C/W hybrid "modified."