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420 A non turbo 95 to 99

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Q: What motors will fit a 95 eclipse rs?
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Will the motor from a 1996 eclipse rs fit in a 2000 eclipse rs?

420 A non turbo 95 to 99 motors will fit in a 2000 Eclipse RS. This means that the 1996 motor should fit in work fine in the 2000 model.

Will the motor from a 1996 eclipse rs fit in a 2000 eclipse rs-?

Yes. The motor from a 1996 eclipse rs can fit in a 2000 eclipse rs.

Can you put a ihi turbo in a 95 eclipse rs?


Will supra motor fit in a 96 eclipse rs?

No it will not.

What is the horse power on a 1995 Mitsubishi eclipse rs?

a 95 rs is 140hp but with time that slightly decreases

Where is the thermostat on a 95 eclipse RS?

It's just between the radiator hose and an engine.

Whats the battery dimensions for a 95 eclipse rs?

Any parts store can provide this info.

Where is the horn located on a 95 Eclipse RS?

Should be located driverside very fornt behind bumper.

What motors will fit in a 95 eclipse gs?

The Turbo 4G63 motor will fit in it. It might fit but with modification. I was looking at my friends turbo eclipse and the motor sits in there differently. The motor mounts are in different locations. it's a real pain to drop the turbo engine in because it basically sits backwards from the non-turbo engine, so the motor mounts are in the wrong place. However, i have heard rumor that 4g63 evo motor will fit without mod because it sits the same way as rs/gs

What does the horn for a Mitsubishi eclipse rs from 95 look like?

a really small loud speaker in or near the front bumper

What kind of engine does a Mitsubishi eclipse rs have?

The Mitsubishi Eclipse RS has a 2.0 DOHC 420A.

What causes a 95 Mitsubishi Eclipse 2.0 to shake and turn off?

I have the same problem on my Mitsubishi Eclipse RS 1995. Seems to be a problem in Map sensor. I was also told it might be the ECU

Would a 97 Eclipse Spyder airbag be compatible with a 97 Eclipse RS?


What is the difference between eclipse gt and rs eclipse?

Do eagle talons and eclipse use the same clutch?

For 95-99 Yes, depending on the model of car. A talon ESI has a 420a motor like the eclipse GS and RS. Talon tsi or tsi awd have the same motor (4g63) as the eclipse gst or gsx

1997 Mitsubishi eclipse rs horsepower?


How big are stock rims on a Mitsubishi Eclipse?

16" rims. first, what year? what model? 89-94 base model eclipse 1.8L - 14" 89-94 GS - 15" 89-94 GS-T 16" 89-94 GSX 16" 95-99 RS 14" 95-99 GS 15" 95-99 GS spyder 15" 95-99 GS-T 16" 95-99 GSX 16" 95-99 GS-T spyder 16" 99 Ralliart Eclipse 17"

What are the timing specs fou a 95 Mitsubishi Eclipse RS?

You need to go to a car parts store, and get a repair manual for your car. They cost about $16.00 Or, go to a Public Library.

What kind of transmission fluid does a 1998 Eclipse take?

ATF+4 for Eclipse RS with automatic transmission.

Will a 1995 eclipse gs motor fit in a 1998 eclipse rs?

from 1995 - 1999 the cars are all the same only difference is the turbo but yes the engines will all swap around with maybe just a coulpe new parts

Which is faster mitshubishi eclipse or mitshubishi gs?

Full name of Eclipse is Mitsubishi Eclipse (GS, RS, GT)... You need to correct your question.

Is it possible to take the engine from a 1998 Mitsubishi eclipse spyder GS and put it in a 96 eclipse rs?

No the engine in the 98 mitsubishi eclipse spyder gs is a mitsubishi 4g64 while the engine in the 96 rs is a chrysler 420a engine.

What is the stock horsepower of a 1999 eclipse rs 2.0 l?

400 +

How do I get my 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse RS automatic out of limp mode?


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